Short Haircuts for Women Over 60 with Thick Hair

There are plenty of woman out there who look amazing after 60 and they are doing nothing more than what you can do for yourself. As an older, mature woman, you really have to choose a haircut that is right for you. A style that is elegant and classy to suit your age and yet fun, flirty and practical is highly desirable and easily within reach. If you are lucky enough to have a mane of thick hair you can choose from several haircuts that will allow you to flaunt your personality without having to stand in front of the mirror all the time. Use the ideas below as a starting point to consult with your hairstylist for the best haircut for you at your next hair appointment.

A Short Bob


Thick hair tends to get dry and frizzy so this haircut is really great for it. Too short to have time to get unhealthy and short enough to be full and bouncy this hairstyle is here to stay for older women. Ask your stylist for some extra layers for a nice volume or give it blunt ends for a sophisticated, polished style. Get bangs for the front if you have a longer face so you can have the cut enhance your natural face shape and hide wrinkles at the same time. Easy to maintain, this hairstyle won’t even require as many visits to the salon as a much shorter haircut.

A Sassy Pixie


If you need a way out of your thick hair this textured style is the perfect cut that will also suit a mature face. With a close cut in the back and a wispy look in the front, the silhouette created from this haircut is modern and feminine. Have your stylist play around with the layers and texture so you can have a style that is just for your face and your tastes. Minimize your styling time by just putting some product in your fingers and scrunching it into your hair before letting it dry naturally. If your thick hair looks like its asking for a little bit more, pass a flat iron over the tips and use some hair wax to tame any frizz.

An Asymmetrical Shag


If you are looking for some drama in your hairstyle to really stand out from the crowd, try going for some asymmetry in your short style. This hairstyle will have a cropped style on one side and some long shaggy layers on the other. Cut close to your neckline you can stay comfortable while looking high kept. Flip locks in alternating directions with a straightening iron for a quick hairdo or just let it air dry. This hairstyle is suitable for those with thick and straight hair and is worn best by those with square or oval shaped faces.

All hair has to be maintained and especially more so now that you are getting above sixty. Thick hair can be tough to control and it is important to maintain it to prevent dry frizzy ends, as this is a common problem with this hair type no matter what your age. Experiment with different products to find the right ones for you, as no two products are ever actually created equal. Leave your conditioner on for at least two minutes during your shower so the hair shaft can absorb al the moisture for minimum damage control once your hair is dry. While drying your hair, try not to use a rough towel, as it will just disrupt the cuticle and give you a rough look. A short haircut is easy to maintain but make sure you don’t skip the necessary steps for healthy, happy locks.