Short Haircuts for Overweight Women Over 50

Has your age led you to gain some extra weight? Are you looking for a quick way to get a new look without reversing your age or going on a crash diet? It is time for you to get an appointment at the hair salon for a fresh and new hairdo. You don’t sacrifice your looks or your confidence, especially not your crowning glory just because you’re starting to notice a few wrinkles here and there or have put on a few extra pounds. The right cut will make you look lighter and sexier. Who needs to be young and skinny as a stick if you can look just as great just by being you? Read on to get some tips on the right cut for a new you.

Short Choppy Bob


If you want the appearance of having lost a few pounds, you want a cut that frames your face. Your bob should be cut with choppy layers in the front so they feather your jawline and flatter your face. Make sure there isn’t so much hair in front that it makes your silhouette wider though. You can ask your hairstylist to use a razor or scissor at the ends so it doesn’t have a thick look. You should also consider getting highlights to go with the hair to draw attention upwards for a longer, leaner look that will balance your shape out. This hairstyle is great for older women, as it requires little attention once you get out of the salon. Your age does not have to mean you have several bad hair days in a row just because you can’t style it all the time. This hair cut will ensure this.

Asymmetrical Bob


Short in the back and long in the front this cut will help you slim down your face. Your hair is all about balancing the rest of your body so this haircut works really well with bigger bodies. Shorter hair getting longer at the sides will elongate your face while giving you a sexy, spicy haircut. Draw attention away from your wrinkles with this hairstyle that can be dressed up in minutes. For a night out, try curling it with an iron in the front for a sophisticated style or use hair mousse to give it a casual, fun look.

Lob with Bangs


When you get your long bob, request wispy bangs in the front that will frame your face. This will give you a soft, romantic look that will draw attention away from your weight or age, towards your eyes and smile. These bangs can be achieved by having your hair start short in the middle and gradually get longer at the ends creating a visual frame for your face. Straight cut bangs are not recommended for overweight, mature women as they will just shorten your face and make your face look more round and old.

The key to looking slimmer and younger with these short style is textured, tousled looks with feathery, layered cuts. Straight cuts are ill advised, as is too much volume or thickness in the front. Think waves, flirty curves and high up-dos (like Adele) when styling your hair to fit your weight and age. Stay away from hair that is too short or cut too close to your skin, as it will most likely not have your expected effect. Short haircuts highlight face features while you are looking to detract attention by balancing it with attention grabbing hair. To get your personality across with your style of choice, play with color to create lengthy illusions to get confidence and attention that is real.