Short Dreadlock Styles for Black Women

Dreadlocks can be fun and fashionable; many women from all walks of life and different backgrounds are beginning to turn to the more natural look of dreadlocks. But, what if you want the look of dreads without the long locks? Short dreadlocks styles for black women are a great way to have the dread look but be a little bit edgy too. Or, short dreads can also be more flowy and cute when curled. Women today are trying different styles of short dreadlocks and they’re coming out great. Really trends you see for any hairstyle seems to cross over in some ways with dreadlocks.

Dreadlocks Hairstyles for Women

Here are some styles we’ve noticed for short dreadlocks for black women:

Curly –


Short styles get a cute, flirty look when you pair dreadlocks with curls. They can also put you in a stand out over the top do when you have curled dreads in an up do. Sassy or romantic, curls can look great with dreadlocks. Like any hair, there is a myriad of different curling implements from permanent rollers to pipe cleaners. Each will have their own look and style depending on the type of roller you use.

Layered –


Another trend popping up is a short, layered look with dreadlocks. This can give a free flowing, carefree hairstyle to your dreads. This look is achieved with short straight dreads all over the head.

Edgy –


Other styles include extremely short cuts where the hair is shaved on the sides of the scalp and dreadlocks are on the top of the head. A fun, edgy, bold, and daring look for dreadlocks.

Wedge –


This style combined with dreadlocks can be edge or soft. Some cute styles floating around the web show a wedge with long locks toward the front and then the dreads are curled in soft curls.

Extra Short –


Super short almost spiky dreadlocks is a fresh, hip way to sport dreads too. It almost gives the person a pixie type of hairstyle look.

Caring for Short Dreadlocks

Whichever styles of dreadlocks you choose for your short hairstyle remember to keep in mind the upkeep dreadlocks have and how it suits your style, face shape, and figure. If you’re in doubt of exactly what is best for you, make sure to consult a hair stylist that specializes in dreadlocks and short ‘dos with dreads to get the best advice.

Remember, as with any hairstyle, the key to a great hairdo is how well you care and maintain it. Keep in mind the following hair care tips for women with dreadlocks:

Wash It – Having dreadlocks doesn’t mean you get out of washing your hair, To maintain beautiful well-kept dreadlocks it’s important to wash your hair every few weeks AFTER your dreadlocks are established. Before that, cleaning is at a minimum until dreads are well established.

Moisturize – Although you don’t want your hair to be too oily, it is important to maintain moisture in your dreads. Use a natural oil that’s light so it doesn’t cause too much build up on your scalp.

Cover Up at Night – It is important to make sure to protect your dreadlocks and maintain moisture in them by covering them in a satin or silk scarf or cap. Another alternative is a satin or silk pillowcase. Avoid cotton linens touching your hair as it can dry out your dreads and leave unsightly lint behind.

Roll, Don’t Strangle – In order to keep well maintained, non-frizzy dreads you must make sure to palm roll and twist your dreadlocks. But, do remember not to over twist causing damage and stress to your scalp.
Finding a short hairstyle for your dreadlocks and maintaining it should be a fun part of beauty that expresses your sense of flair and style. Have fun finding the right ‘do for you and maintain it so your true beauty can shine through.