Quick Easy Messy Bun Styles

Everyone has those days when they just don’t have to wash hair and then blow dry it and curl it before going out. Those days when there just isn’t time after work to get primped up before you have to be at the tat cocktail party. Knowing a few Quick Easy Messy Bun Styles will help you get ready for evening events as well as dates at lightening speed. The fast and easy hairstyles below are easy to perfect and the end results are pretty and glamorous for a versatile look that can be altered to suit several occasions and outfits.

Low Pin Curl Bun


This style is a fabulous way to play up the common messy bun to take it from casual to diva. Dress up your cute summer dress with this style or class up your act in the evening, the pin coil curls will give an interesting dimension to your hairdo. After you have set your messy bun, on the lower side, grab a one-inch section of your hair from the ponytail and twirl it around two fingers in a coil shape. Gently take the coil out of your hair, place it around the messy bun and secure it in place with a discreet bobby pin. Do this with multiple strands and set it with hairspray to achieve the girly look you’re after.

Messy Twists Bun


This easy hairdo can be glammed up or down depending on the occasion and is especially easy to style for those with long, thick hair. Whether you are going shopping with a few friends, lunch with the girls or have a long day at school, this style will get you through the day looking pretty and elegant. Wrap your hair together in a medium high ponytail and then tease your hair at the crown so it doesn’t get too flat. Taking small sections of hair in your ponytail, twist each of them in a bun. This doesn’t have to be perfect or accurate as the look you are gong for is messy. No need for any products either as they will make the look to sleek. Use a lot of bobby pins to secure your do and then set it using hairspray for a look that lasts throughout the day.

Messy Braided Bun


This is a hairstyle that a lot of people shy away from because it looks so difficult but really once you practice it once, it will become your favorite go-to ‘do. This bun with a braid wrapped around can be worn with any texture hair. Whether you have fine straight hair or tight curls, this bun will take just a few minutes to achieve to last the whole day. To get this look, take a 2 inch section of hair from the front and separate it from the rest of your hair. Grab the rest of your hair and make a low messy bun held together with bobby pins. With the separated section of hair, make a loose braid going around the bun and pin it up.

Undone Knotted Bun


Create a topknot in the middle of your head by flipping the hair upside down and styling it into a ponytail. The hair at the bottom should be tight so it doesn’t get droopy when you tie it up. Once it’s tight at the bottom, twist the ponytail around into a bun and hold it together with bobby pins. To get a nice thick bun, break the ponytail into two sections and wrap each section into its own loose bun, with one piece going clockwise and the other counterclockwise. This way you’ll have a bun where the hair is going in two directions. Take some extra pieces of hair that are still sticking out and pin them close to the bun in twirls and coils to finish your look.