Professional Dreadlock Styles for Men

Dreadlocks are definitely hip and cool, so many athletes and celebrities can be seen with dreadlock styles. But how does it work for the professional man that wants that cool dreadlock look? In the business world, it seems that there still is a stigma for equating dreadlocks with unprofessional. But as many men can attest to, that simply is not true. Many intelligent, strong, professional men have dreadlocks and feel that their hairstyle shouldn’t be a negative reflection on who they are as a business professional. There are many different professional dreadlock styles for men that allow them to keep the natural look of dreadlocks and be in the business world.

Trending Styles for Professional Men

Take it to the Internet and search for different styles, there are many men out there rockin’ dreads that are out in the professional space. Running backs on the football field aren’t the only guys who can have this cool look. Take a look at some professional styles that are on trend that are appearing in office spaces everywhere.

Professional Ponytail


Look on YouTube or just search the Web and you’ll find how-tos on all types of ways to pull up dreadlocks to make them stylish and sleek.



Another style that is showing up in a lot of areas is a braided dreadlock to form a type of mohawk. Cool patterns and designs are made on the sides of the scalp depending on how the braids are pulled toward the center of the scalp to flow down toward the middle back in a mohawk style. Fish tails may be another alternative.

Partially Pulled Back


Another look is to have the top half of the dreadlocks pulled back into a ponytail letting the dreads flow down in the back.

Overall, the main trend for the professional dreadlock style is to have the dreads pulled back away from the face and in a controlled style. Definitely characteristics of a professional in the office type of look.

Caring for Dreadlocks


Another important factor is to consider the look and upkeep of your dreadlocks. Professionals are always expected to be clean cut and dressed sharp and sleek and so, dreadlocks need to follow suit in the business world. Here are some tips on maintaining your dreadlocks so they stay well kept and professional looking:

Keep the Dread Clean – Just as we’ve mentioned already a professional is a clean-cut, dressed to the nines type of person, your hair is a reflection of that. Make sure to scrub your scalp well with a good dread lock shampoo to keep your dreads clean and cool.

Keep Dreads Rolled – Keep away from a frazzled unkempt look by having a regular routine for rolling your dreads. They’ll stay looking cool and sleek with the proper care and maintenance which a professional needs to keep in mind.

Use Wax – Once your hair is thoroughly dry, make sure to add wax to keep them sleek and smooth. Work the wax into each dread with your hands and you’ll be ready to go.

Above all, remember that in this ever-changing world more and more people are going to a natural dread lock look. Although it still isn’t the professional norm, businessmen are opting in for dreads and keeping their look throughout their professional careers. The keys to maintaining a professional look at work with your dreadlocks is to make sure that dreads are maintained and well cared for and pulled back from the face. The care that you put into taking care of your dreads will speak volumes for you on how well you take care of yourself, which can translate into an impression on the impeccable attention to detail that you put into your work.