Popular Medium Haircut Styles for Women Over 50

There are many things that women who are older must consider when looking for the perfect hairstyle. One of these is that the most popular medium haircut styles for women over 50 feature different styling even if the cut is the same as those choices for younger women. There are many reasons for this and they can be seen and evidenced throughout popular culture today.

Gray Hair


One new trend is letting the hair gray so that one can age gracefully instead of continuously trying to cover the gray up. Often times women who color their hair all of the time end up with flat colors that look good on no one. There are many different hair color choices that can look great wiht medium haircut styles for women over 50.

Ombre color


Perhaps one of the hottest hairstyle trends of the year is the ombre color. While this trend will not work on every woman over 50 it is a great choice for someone who has medium length curly hair. A longer version of the waved bob looks amazing on a mature women when she chooses the ombre color effect. It is something that is going to draw attention to the woman’s collarbone which is generally one of the last places that women age.

Sandy colored shag


Another great choice is a sandy colored shag. This style can look great on women who are over 50 and can really work with all types of hair. Women should realize that if they are choosing this hairstyle and their hair is straight that some depth and definition of the hair can look great. They should consider highlights or lowlights. Without some color definition colored hair often looks flat and a flat shag is not nearly as gorgeous of the medium haircut styles for women over 50.

Long modern shag


The modern longer version of the shag is one of the great medium haircut styles for women over 50. It features choppy layers that can really make anyone look youthful and fun. By being longer it also draws attention to areas of the face that will not have as many wrinkles as others. To style this cut one should consider using hair wax and flipping it out instead of going under.

Shag With Bangs


A longer version of the shag with bangs is another great option of the medium haircut styles for women over 50. This cut can be styled to show volume and can be worn straight or curly. It is the perfect choice for women who are older and want something that is going to make them feel young and vibrant.

A longer bob can be made to look completely decadent when a woman has dark chestnut colored hair with subtle golden highlights. This is one style that while completely appropriate for a woman over the age of 50 it will leave younger women longing for her locks. This hairstyle can work with a variety of different textures of hair as long as it has been cut appropriately. The bob should feature a variety of layers that are mostly below the jawline with one shorter layers that ends around the bottom lip.

Shaggy Bob


In addition to the traditional longer bob a shaggy bob really can work for a woman who is over the age of 50. In fact this lovely hairstyle is universally flattering on women from many different age groups. Choosing a part on the side will enhance the layers while adding body to hair that is thinner or limp.

Long loose flowing layers


Many of the best medium haircut styles for women over 50 include long loose flowing layers. If this is a choice that a woman is picking then the lovely gentle curls can add bounce and flair without adding too much weight. These will help lighten the woman’s look and can drop years from her age.