Mid Length Haircuts for Women Over 50

Medium is without a doubt the most preferred length of hair by women who are over fifty. Hairstyles for medium length are very popular because they are in the so called sweet spot – the threshold between practical and classy. Not only that, but they also give a lot of opportunities for experimentation. Here are presented some of the classic mid length haircuts for women over 50.

Stylish Mid Length Haircuts for Women Over 50



It is a hairstyle that can really pass anywhere – while you are at work, at a business meeting, even at a classy dinner – and this is what makes it one of the most valuable hairstyles a woman can have in her repertoire. A funny thing about this one is that it works better if you hair is not washed recently – in the last 7-8 hours at least. The first thing to do is to apply dry shampoo in the roots to enhance the volume and make the hair shinier. After this comb your hair carefully with a brush against the natural direction of the hair and section it. Start doing that from the lower layers of the hair – the best tool for that is a somewhat bigger than medium curling iron.

The next step is to make four centimeter sections of your hair and start using the iron from the root up. A good tip is to be careful not to burn yourself. Depending on the temperature of the iron you can wait between seven and ten seconds for each tuft. Do this until you have finished with all the sections and put some balsam in your hair to separate the curls in more distinctive tufts. An optional thing to do is to twist the hair in some shape – for example making a braid or making a bun with some part of it. In the end use a fixing spray so everything can last.



This one looks a little bit like the tresses, but it is not so official. The goal is to make all of your hair spread in small waves from the root to the ends. To achieve that, start with washing and drying your hair. It is really important that it is as dry as possible before starting.

After that start sectioning the hair from the root up and put some thermal protector on each 6-8 centimeters of each tuft. For the next step you will need a three barrel iron for waving – take it and start closely from the scalp – around three centimeters. Hold with the iron for five seconds at the most, because it can be dangerous for the hair and do each section.

Once this part is done it is important not to use a brush. Go through your hair with your fingers, so that the waves are more defined and use a fixing spray – preferably one that has a medium hold. And this is it – one not so complicated, yet very girlish and cute hairstyle.

Side curls


For this hairstyle you have to have washed your hair first. It must not be too dry – it is best if your hair is a little dank. Use volume enhancer foam through the entire hair and make sure that it is distributed evenly. Use a brush and a dryer to dry the hair on the sides of your head. When this is done take a brush that is around medium size and do the same for the other parts.

Next use a curling iron and starting from the root and holding for five to six seconds curl the hair on the sides of your head, but remember – try to make them look more like wavy, rather than curly. Once you have done that straighten the fringe and the hair on top and you have it – the side curls.