Mid length hair styles for women over 50

To maintain medium length hair is far not as difficult as to maintain a long one. The other good thing about middle length is that it doesn’t stop you from making hairstyles that are usually appropriate for long hair. This makes it a very nice type of haircut, particularly preferred by women over 50. Being in that age is not a reason to stop experimenting though – it is always nice if you find a new look for yourself, not to mention that it can be a really rejuvenating experience. This is why it is good to know some mid length hair styles for women over 50.

Mid Length Haircuts for Women Over 50

On-top curls


It is a truly universal hairstyle that you can use for many types of occasions – both casual and classy. One very nice quality of this hairstyle is that it looks complicated to make, but it really doesn’t take a lot of time. To make it first you need to ensure that you haven’t washed your head soon, to avoid pointing tufts and similar things. Then apply some volume enhancer foam and brush the whole hair from the roots up, against the natural direction – it will not only distribute the enhancer evenly, but also get you rid of any knots that may have been formed. You can also replace the enhancer with a dry shampoo if you don’t feel comfortable with not washing your hair. If there are still pointing tufts you can try using the flat iron – choose the appropriate degrees and be careful not to burn your hair. It is best if you apply heat protector before that.

Once this is done section your hair starting from the bottom towards the end and take a curling iron. Start tangling the tufts around the iron and wait 5-6 seconds for each, so that the curls are precisely defined. Finish all sections and apply balsam or pomade to make your hair shinier. Then run your fingers through it, but avoid a brush, because it will ruin the effect. Apply some holding spray and that’s it – your on-top curl haircut.

Side curls


Before starting with this hair cut wash your hair really well – soap it with shampoo between two and four times. It is best if you don’t dry it too much – leave it a little moist, because it will be more obedient for the hairstyle. Apply some volume enhancer and rub it from the roots to the entire hair – make sure it is distributed evenly. Then take a brush and comb through the tufts thoroughly – try not to leave any knots and tangles. Once this is done it is time to put the dryer in place – use it to dry the hair on the sides of your head and take the brush again and sleek them towards your shoulders.

The next step is to take a flat iron and start tangling the tufts on the side of your head around it, holding between six and seven seconds, so that the tresses stay for longer. Still, try to make them look like waves rather than curls. After you finish it is time to take on the fringe and the rest of the hair. Straighten all of it and brush it towards the sides. You can let the fringe hang above your eyes or you can sleek it towards one side – it is entirely up to you. You can comb it backwards and put some bobby pins to make it stable, too. And this is it – the side curls. Just remember to apply holding spray once you are done, otherwise the effect won’t last very long.