Messy bun hairstyle with braids

Braids are very sensual – they are one of the oldest types of hairstyles, invented in ancient times as a mean for women to keep their long hair and still be able to work without it getting in the way. The bun as a concept has the same purpose – to be not only stylish, but practical as well. So what if you combined the two? It can be a very interesting result, but before starting experimenting you have to know that it is best if you have long hair, as a lot of it will be needed in order to make such a long braid. Nevertheless, here are some messy bun hairstyles with braids.

Bun hairstyles with braids

Cinnamon braided bun


As with almost every type of braid it is best if your hair is not washed for at least a day. If you are planning to use this hairstyle for an official event, remember that you have to wash your hair around twenty four hours before making the hairstyle – something that can be a problem if your hair quickly becomes moist.

However, if you manage to do that it is time to take the brush – fix any possible twists and knots that may have occurred in your tufts. If you want you can take a curling iron a make your hair a bit wavy, or the opposite – straighten it if you prefer. Then use some holding spray, put pomade or sleek with a volume enhancer – whatever suits your needs best. Make a ponytail with all of your hair and start making the braid. Be sure to make it tight, so there are not loose parts and brush its end once it is done. Then start tangling the whole thing around itself and tuck its end in the beginning of the bun. Fix everything with bobby pins so it doesn’t fall out and spray as much as you find suitable with a holding spray – preferably with at least a medium grade. And this should be how you make your cinnamon bun.

Casual braided bun


If your hair length is above medium the best thing to do as a start is to section all of it on the top side of your head. Then start brushing against the direction of the hair and spread some volume enhancer to make everything smooth and shiny. Once this is done take your hair in the same way you would take it if you were to make a ponytail. Bent towards the floor so the hair is perpendicular to your head – it will be easier this way. Then start brushing again, but this time starting from the neck towards your forehead. If you have a long fringe you can put it in the tuft as well, but if it is not better leave it – you can make some cool additions with it later.

In this messy position it is time to start the real work. Take this large tuft you formed and start twisting it around its base – somewhere in the beginning of the ponytail if you were going to make on. Once this is ready it is time for the next step – the braid. Start braiding your hair until it is done – one large, shiny braid – and bobby pin it so it stays as stable as it can. Beware – it is best if the bobby pins cannot be seen.

After that put some holding spray – a medium grade – and start making the bun. Twist it around the base and continue until it is ready – then fix it with a little stick and put some more bobby pins – again inconspicuously.