Medium Length Wavy Hairstyles For Women Over 40

The forties are the new thirties – something that is, without a doubt, true. If you have reached forty this doesn’t mean that it is time for you to stop experimenting – on the contrary- it is time to start searching for new looks – especially when it comes to your hair. Wavy hairstyles can be really cool – especially if you have medium length hair. They are not only cute, but also easy to make and can pass in a variety of situations – from a casual going out to even a fancy dinner. So here are some medium length wavy hairstyles for women over 40.

Wavy Mid Length Hairstyles For Women Over 40

Pure waves


This is a rather casual one – not very appropriate for an official event, even though such a hairstyle can go well with a dress with fewer ornaments. Want you want from this hairstyle is to make your hair full of small waves from the root to the ends, catching the light in the room and sprinkling it all over your head. To do that, you have to start with thoroughly washing and drying your hair. Put volume enhancer and a pomade to make it look shinier – you can also strengthen it with a flat iron.

The next step is to start separating the hair in sections starting from the beginning of the tufts, near the scalp, towards the ends. Apply thermal protector on each tuft, because you will need to use a flat iron on high degrees here – even more, not a flat iron, but a three barrel iron. It is specifically for waving – use it and start working from the roots of the tufts – near the scalp – along its length. The distances should be around three centimeters. Hold the hot iron for five seconds on each section and be careful not to hold for too long because it can be really harmful for the hair.

It is almost over – there is only one step left. Resist the temptation to use a brush – even if it itches. The best thing to do is to comb your fingers through your hair to remove knots and tangles and to use some holding spray – depending on how well the waves were done you can choose a grade on your own discretion. And there you have it – a cute, wavy, medium length hairstyle.

Long tresses


This hairstyle, opposite of the previous one, is mostly for official events. It looks way too classy to go somewhere casual with it, even though you can make it a little messy – in this case it will be appropriate. Just try not to destroy the tresses.

Again, before starting, ensure that your hair has not been washed recently – preferably in the last twelve to sixteen hours. Then apply dry shampoo in the roots and add some volume enhancer for a somewhat puffy effect and to make the hair shinier. Then comb it very carefully and try not to leave any knots and twists, because they can be a major obstacle for the flat iron. Brush against the natural direction of the hair to bring up more volume.

The second part of the process is to make six centimeter sections of the different levels of your hair and curl them a little bit with a curling iron on medium heat. Start from the root towards the ends and be careful with the hot iron. It really depends how hot it is, so decide for yourself how many seconds to wait. If your hair is really disobedient, put some heat protector and turn the iron on higher degrees. Do this for all the sections and then run your finger through the tufts – separate them from one another and use a holding spray. That is it – your long tresses are ready.