Medium Length Hairstyles For Women Over 45

Going above forty five can be stressful. It is such a famous saying – and so true – “Forties are the new thirties and the fifties are the new forties”. It is not reason to feel bad or to stop experimenting. Especially when it comes to how you look – it is never too late to change the way you look. Take for example the hairstyle. Many women above forty prefer medium length hair, as it is easier to maintain and still allows you to make entangled haircuts. Here are some medium length hairstyles for women over 45.

Cool Mid Length Hairstyles For Women Over 45

A simple braid


The braid is one of the universal and most used hairstyles, yet many women stop making it after 40 for some reason. It shouldn’t be like that – especially if you have beautiful, shiny hair. First section it in several levels and brush it carefully to remove any knots and tangles. Put some volume enhancer but be careful that it is not too moist and straighten your hair with a flat iron. Once this is done it is time to start with the braid – begin from the roots and continue until the end. After you are ready it is entirely up to your taste – where do you want to put it – on your shoulder, hanging freely or on a bun. Find what is best for you – for your face structure and for the clothes you have chosen for the day.

Medium straight up


=This is for the ones who prefer a little shorter than medium hair. It is best if it has the same length anywhere. First ensure that it suits you this way, because you may not be able to make this hairstyle every day. It is not that it is so hard to make, you just never know, right. If it suits you then this is definitely the choice for you. Straighten your hair with a flat iron and comb against its natural direction. Take a fixing spray and a brush and start lifting it up, while spraying. The result should be that it pointing strictly against its usual direction, but lifted up. There is a version here the tufts are made a little curly – you can use the flat iron for that purpose too. It is a very practical haircut, but it doesn’t suit everyone – it is preferable for women with round faces, as it lengthens them.

The two tusks


The fringe is usually on the level of the eyebrows and made even, even though it can be sleeked towards one side. The hair must be separated in two from the top of the head towards the sides. They should look the same it terms of volume and length. Then comb carefully and try to remove any knots. You can straighten things up with a flat iron, but be sure to put some heat protector if you are going to use high degrees. While going through the hair with it bent it a little bit towards the end. After this spray a lot with holding spray of medium grade and brush again. The result should be two large tufts on the sides of your head, looking a little bit like tusks. The real aim here is to make these so called tusks stay through the whole day – this is why the spray should be at least medium grade.

Now for the back of your head – a very renowned choice is to leave the hair just hanging. Some women join it with the tusks though – it can look good, but only if you make it precisely. Take two mirrors and experiment – in the end it is all about you.