Medium Length Haircuts With Side Swept Bangs

Are you looking to change your look a little bit this season? Maybe you are going from short to long hair and are at that transition phase at the medium length of your hair? Or maybe you aren’t ready for the hassle of long hair but want that sexy lovely lock look that you can’t get with short hair? In any of these cases, medium length locks are definitely the answer. And, from the looks around Hollywood and the fashion scene many are turning to the medium length locks for that happy compromise of length and easier upkeep. Another style that seems to be on trend is the medium haircut with side swept bangs.

Side swept bangs

Bangs are in; everywhere you look bangs are there and with a beautiful sweep to the side. Whether the hair is short, wavy, or curly, there seems to be a trend of side swept bangs to complement the ‘do. Let’s take a look at some of the more popular styles of medium haircuts with side swept bangs that are appearing in social media and fashion columns online:

Straight Hairstyles –


Straight, blunt, medium-length hairstyles are joining in on the side swept bang craze with a very edgy twist. The side swept bang for this style is very sharp and angled. Another alternative for straight medium-length hair is to have a side swept bang that is has a softer, curved shape.

Wave Hairstyles –


Wavy hairstyles are complemented with a layered, wavy bang that blends into the longer wave tresses. Another trend that seems to be appearing for wavy hair is a side swept bang with a bit of a flip.

Curly Hairstyles –


Styles can also be topped with a pretty, romantic flair with equally curly bangs swept to the side that blend right in with the rest of the beautiful curls. This is definitely a more relaxed easy, breezy style for a romantic, care free look.

Take to social media for ideas and inspiration on the latest trends for medium length hairstyles with side swept bangs. Do a web search or scope out Pinterest for lots of fun styles and ideas. Some things we have noticed while surfing the web is that the side swept bang doesn’t always just go to one side. Many celebrities part them in the middle and have a sweep of bangs flowing to either side, this looks very nice on a wavy or more curly style as well.

With a good layered medium length cut you have the option to try one or all of the styles we’ve mentioned. That’s the great thing about this style, it has so many variances that you can change the look of your bangs as often as your mood changes.

Your Face Shape Makes a Difference

Another thing to keep in mind is the shape of your face. Side swept bangs on a medium length hair cut can be done, but the style in which you set those side swept bangs can vary depending on your face shape. It also follows fashion as well. For example, if you have a rounder-shaped face, you want to have a bang style that will elongate your face, so you’d go with a long, softer, side swept bang. If you’re not sure which style best suits your face, make sure to ask your hair stylist, they’ll be able to help.

As you can see, medium length hairstyles with side swept bangs are “sweeping” the nation. Whether you are a romantic at heart or an edgy rocker you should be able to find a style that is on trend that fits your face shape and your personality. So have fun, go for that new hairstyle and go with a side swept bang.