Medium Hairstyles for Women Over 40 with Thick Hair

Medium length hair is one of the most prefer nowadays – especially by women over 40. It requires less maintenance and allows all the perks of the long hair – buns, braids and most beautiful, feminine hairstyles in general. It is the so called sweet spot between what is classy and practical. If you have decided to cut or grow your hair to a medium length it is good to know some of the possibilities you have especially for that length of hair. Here are some medium hairstyles for women over 40 with thick hair.

Most Flattering Haircuts for Women in Their 40s

The curly tufts

A really universal hairstyle, that you can use with the same success at work, at a date or just when hanging at home with guests. This is why it is really good for a woman to know this one – and it is not really hard to make. Just be sure that you haven’t washed your hair soon before starting, because if you did the result is usually really messy – with pointing hairs and parts of the tufts going in different directions. So just wash your head in the morning – 7-8 hours should be enough, even though if you have really dry hair it is best if you wait a little more.

First put some volume enhancer and make the hair puffy. You can then use a little of the flat iron to ensure that there are no pointing hairs and disobedient tufts. Brush carefully against the natural direction of the hair while you are bending your head towards the floor. It will be easier this way. You can also put some dry shampoo in the roots before starting. Beware before starting with the flat iron though –you have to cover all of the hair, with the possible exception of the fringe and start near the root.

Next make six- seven centimeter sections out of the hair and start curling with the iron again. While before it had to be on low heat, now you can put it on a higher level. If your hair is susceptible, use some heat protector before starting. Wait for around six second for each tuft and finish off with pomade or a balsam. The result should be little curly tufts all over your head. You can fix them with bobby pins in any shape you want – feel free to experiment.

Medium waves

This is a more casual hairstyle – one that doesn’t require much effort and you can go pretty much anywhere. It can be used for official events too, but be sure to make your hair shinier and to use more holding spray. The end result should be little waves that start from around one third of each tuft and go on each three centimeters. Start with washing your hair and dry really good before starting with the next step. A good thing is to rub your hair with a towel after using the dryer.

Section the hair from the base of each tuft towards its end and apply enough thermal protector evenly on each three four centimeters – where the waves are going to be made. Take a flat iron and be very careful – you don’t want full-sized curls, just waves. Wrap each tuft around the iron, while it is on medium heat and wait for 3-4 seconds – not more, because otherwise the result will be more of tresses than waves. Once you have gone through the whole hair decide what you are going to do with the fringe. It is always a nice idea to comb it sideways, above the eyebrow, even though there are version where it is left hanging above the eyebrows – be sure it is even on each side if this is your choice.