Flattering Medium Hairstyles for Heavy Women

Being heavier means that it can actually be more difficult to decide how to wear your hair, but when you know the best medium hairstyles for heavy women you will be happy with the choice that you make. While some women are very confident in their size others seem to struggle with being uncomfortable where they are at.

Beautiful Medium Hairstyles for Heavy Women

By choosing the right hairstyle you can help make your face appear slimmer and can also make yourself feel better all around with higher levels of confidence.

The Shag


One great choice for a medium length hairstyle that looks great is going to be the shag. This layered cut is sassy and can really help to evoke confidence in anyone that chooses it. The cut is going to help lengthen the face so it will look great on anyone that has a round face and is worried about how full their face looks.

With specially cut side bangs, the shag helps to make the forehead look less wide as well. It is a great idea that women who choose this style should be sure to add a little volume throughout and sweep the bangs to the side for the right emphasis.

Give it a Little Flip


In addition to the shag, a flip at the medium length is going to look great on anyone who has a little bit of extra weight. The flip is a great style that has been worn by beauty queens and models for years but it can look just as great on you. The right flip for someone who is heavier is going to be one that is medium length and sleek.

This means that the end of the hair will be between the chin and the shoulders. Longer bangs can really add to this look and will help lengthen the face. It is a good idea to avoid a curl with the flip and to make sure and soften the areas that are around the neck for the best overall appearance.

Layers can Work


Many people find that layers tend to make a slim face look fuller but the right layers can make a full face look slimmer. The trick to layers is going to be making sure that they are cut shrewdly. They also must not start until a length below the ears which is perfect for anyone wanting a medium length hairstyle.

Layers that are shoulder length are one of the best medium hairstyles for heavy women. The other trick is to make sure that there is body throughout the hair and that there are not areas where the hair is flat. This is going to not only look better on everyone but will make you appear slimmer.

Medium Length is Really Best


While many might argue that short hair or long hair can also look great on a woman who is a bit bigger, generally medium hairstyles for heavy women look best. This does not mean that a woman cannot have any hairstyle that she wants. Instead it means that she just needs to think about her favorite hairstyle and how it would look best at the right length.

Shortening longer styles is very simple and just requires a talented hair stylist that can figure out where to start shorter layers and add in the features that make a hairstyle unique. Lengthening shorter styles can be more difficult because it requires one to be able to think about the style and how it would look as it grows out. This can work with some shorter styles but with others it is best to choose something else all together.