Long Bob Hairstyles for Women Over 40

If you’re in the 40 and up age bracket, you’re in luck! Long bob hairstyles for women over 40 are hotter and trendier than ever! This classic cut works for nearly any hair type and face shape, plus it’s easy to style.

These days, women over 40 don’t have to settle for a short, matronly hairstyle. Women are defying age when it comes to their appearance, and this is partly due to their hairstyle. The right hairstyle can disguise and distract from outward signs of age, such as thinning hair and lines around the eyes and mouth.

Women over 40 can wear many different hairstyles, but the long bob is the most complimentary. This mid-length style has a lot of appeal for older women because it is low maintenance, and looks nice with thick hair, or hair that is thinning.

This style works for you all day at the office, and you can transform it with almost no effort into an evening style. It’s perfect for the woman who wants to look chic and sophisticated, without a lot of maintenance.

Stylish Long Bobs for Women Over 40

Sleek side swept bangs


This chin length bob works best for straight hair, whether thick or thin. Keeping your hair sleek, curling in slightly at the ends, is a classic, sophisticated look. Or you can add in some layers around your face for an updated look.

Adding in long side swept bangs and layers gives some softness and framing to this style. It’s a modern take on the classic style.

Sophisticated no bangs


Long, straight and chic, this look is great for women with a round face. Keep to a center part for a classic style, or you can move your part to one side for a trendier look. This versatile look allows you to wear it down, or tuck behind the ears to go more casual. Or add a headband to change things up a bit.

Maintenance is easy. Just blow dry and go if you are wearing your hair down. Or pull it back into a low ponytail when you are on the go.

Layered Bob


The layered bob softens up the classic straight bob, and works well with either straight or curly hair. This chic style adds charm and youthfulness to your look. And it adds volume as well, so looks great if you have a thin face or a longer neck.

You can wear the layered bob as a wash and wear look, leaving it tousled and messy. Or you can blow dry your layers forward, and straighten them out for a more glamorous style.

Wavy Bob


Just because you have wavy hair doesn’t mean you can’t wear a long bob. You can still look great in a chin length or longer style. Your waves will add softness around the face and distract from any fine lines that may be started.

This is a fun way to play up the natural texture of your hair. Whether you keep your waves all one length or layered, keep your bangs long.

Short to Long


The short to long bob is a trendy variation on the classic. It gives the appearance of a long bob, with the front locks below the chin. But shorter layers in the back cut down on styling time. This style adds volume for thinning hair as well.

You can add in side-swept bangs to add some softness to the angles of this cut. Or you can make your front layers choppy for an edgier look. Either way, you will be on trend with this style.