Layered Medium Length Hairstyles for Women Over 40

When you are over 40, the right haircut can do amazing things for looking younger. Whether you are looking for a dramatic change in style, or just an update, layered medium length hairstyles are perfect for women over 40.

Over time, your face changes and so should your hair. Changing your hairstyle can be nerve-wracking. Getting an updated, age-appropriate hairstyle can flatter your face and make you look younger. There are many elegant and sophisticated hairstyles suitable for women over 40. And one of the best is a medium length layered style, which suits your face shape and your lifestyle.

After all, women in their 40s are confident, sexy and at the top of their game. Your hairstyle should reflect this. There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing your style. As you age your hair thins, and you may start seeing some gray hairs. Layers will give your thinning hair more volume and body, and help hide the grays.

Be careful to keep some softness around your face. You want your look to be modern, but not harsh. Soft layers distract from the fine lines you may start to see around your eyes, and give you a more youthful appearance.

Adding color is another great way to modernize your look and help you appear younger. If you are blonde, add highlights. If you have darker hair, try some caramel or auburn highlights, or just go a shade or two lighter.

Modern Medium Length Hairstyles

Layered Bob

Layered Medium Length Hairstyles for Women Over 40

The layered bob is a very popular celebrity look these days. It looks great if you blow dry your layers with a round brush for a sleek, sophisticated look. Or leave it tousled and messy for a more casual style.

You can wear a layered bob with straight or wavy hair, and with any face shape. The layers add volume and softness, creating a youthful look. This modern variation on the classic bob is a low maintenance style transitions easily from the office to an evening out..



The shag is still a popular and modern look for women over 40. A good shag cut gives your hair extra volume, which is great as your hair begins to thin. And it frames your face while focusing attention on your beautiful eyes.

This versatile cut can give you a bit of a rock-and-roll edge, or sassy with soft rounded layers. Bangs are a good idea with a shag cut, allowing you to work a side-swept bang into your layers. A straight fringe with lighter layering can give you a more modern style.



If you’re looking for a carefree, youthful style, this may be the one for you. A medium-length, layered style can give you that tousled, messy look that is so popular today. It will give you a fun daytime style, and transition into an evening updo or French braid for special occasions.

This look is best suited for wavy or curly hair, but can work for straight hair if you heat-style with a curling iron. Your hair will lightly bounce off your shoulders, framing your face for added softness. Side bangs that work into your layers are perfect for this style.



This straight hair style features short layers at the crown, and longer layers further down your head. It’s great with most face shapes, and you can wear it with our without bangs.

For a fun and casual daytime look, use a flat iron to flick out the ends of your long and short layers. You will have to work quickly so that you don’t add in any curl. This look works great for thick or thin hair, adding volume and body.