Hairstyles for women with fat faces

Many women may feel insecure about their face, especially if it is round. The round face shape is typically found within younger adults and children. When an adult has a round shape face, they typically look younger and have softer looking features. For women this is a great thing and lends many possibilities for new hairstyles. Women that have round faces can make use of a variety of different hairstyles that can slender their faces, define their jawline or accentuate a certain feature. Hairstyles for Women with Fat Faces include some classic favorites and some new age twists.

Round Faces and Awesome Hair Styles

Jawline Hairstyle


One choice for slimming a fat or chubby face is to keep hair at the jawline or chin area. This will effectively add contrast to your jawline causing a sharper appearance. This can help make your face seem a lot slimmer than it actually is. Also, the way that your hair is parted can provide you with different options on how much of your jawline is seen. Many times if the hair is parted down the middle than the face may seem more rounded. By changing your part you can effectively take attention off of your face and onto your forehead.

Curling Hairstyle


The age old favorite, curling hairy is great for hiding a chubby face. Wavy hair can be styled with symmetrical or asymmetrical parts for a different effective. You can take attention away from center parts of the face, while focusing on other ones. For example wavy or curly hair places attention on the forehead and the eyes of a person. It will also distract from the wideness of someone’s face. Waves also can either be deep or soft offering different and distinct advantages.

Waves haircut


Another awesome option is curls, this hairstyle is kin to waves. Waves have very similar benefits to the wave in that they can take the attention off of one area of the face. In many cases these curls will be along the cheek line. These curls will distract the eyes from the heavy cheeks. Also, the curls can be highlighted with a lighter color to take some of the attention away from the cheeks. Women with chubby faces should do their very best to avoid straight hair as it will draw attention to the lower part of the face.

Waves and Curls


Similar to waves and curls, layering your hair can add dynamics to your look that will take away from your chubby face. The benefit of layering is that it can be layered so strategically that most people will not even notice your cheeks at all. For a style like this it is good to have a medium to long length of hair. This will help cover some of your face while drawing the majority of people’s attention to your hair. In addition to the layers, you can add bangs and a little bit of color to set it off.

Half up do


The final hair choice is the half up do. This is a bit complex but well worth the effort as this look is great for an upscale or casual evening. The Half up do, places some of the hair up in a bun, while allowing the remainder of it to cover your face. In many cases this look will take some trial and effort to get right, but once it is achieved it is one of the better options. This look is great for women who have long thick strands of hair.