Hairstyles for women over 60 with Fine Thin Hair

As a woman matures, it may seem very difficult to find a hairstyle that suits their age. Some of the more popular hairstyles may only seem fitting for a young woman. However, many women are not ready to take on the “grandmother look”, just yet. There are options available that are both age appropriate as well as fun. This hairstyles can turn heads and even turn back the hands of time. It is important to remember that all hairstyles can be customized to a certain person’s face. In many cases Hairstyles for women over 60 with Fine Thin Hair, typically focuses on increasing the volume of the hair.

The Best Look For Those Golden Years

Golden Years Hairstyles 1: The Classic Bob


The Bob is probably one of the most well known hairstyles for women as they mature. The Bob has a quiet sophistication about it. This simple hairstyle can be achieved by nearly even hair style or type. Women with fine thin hair will typically want to go for a shorter bob (one that stops by their ear lobs). This will concentrate the hair in one place and add more volume to the look of it. The bob can be curled or left straighten if so desired.

Golden Years Hairstyles 2: The Long Hair Style


For many centuries long hair has been the hallmark of a woman’s beauty. In some cases women over 60 can wear a long hair style as long as it suits their face. Women who have a square, or heart shaped face can wear their hair long. It will add a youthful look to their style that will be pronounced and bold. Many women will choose to dye their hair and add some highlights to finish. This hairstyle makes the face look longer and more defined.

Golden Years Hairstyles 3: Bangs


This hairstyle knows no age limit! This is the perfect hairstyle for a woman no matter what age she is. Bangs can go along with just about any hair style. Bangs also have the ability to soften square faced women and also add more femininity to their look. Bangs are great because they can be styled in a variety of ways. They can go down to the eyebrows to cover a more pronounced forehead or be cut shorter for a sassy look. The best part about this hairstyle is that it shaves years off of a woman’s face.

Golden Years Hairstyles 4: The Flip


Cousin to the long straight style of hair the Flip is an more trendy version of this hairstyle. The flip encompasses layers of hair that will work to add dynamics to your look. The flip typically takes a portion of a woman’s hair and covers some of her eyes with it. The look is great for women that have round faces and want to slim it down. The flip works great with women that have fine hair and can be cut shorter for a similar effect.

Golden Years Hairstyles 5: Shoulder Length Hair


Many women falsely assume that as they mature, that they should start to cut their hair short. The truth is that a woman can still have some length as she matures. A shoulder length hairstyle is perfect for both business as well as personal activities. It has very little maintenance to upkeep and can be especially beneficial for women with square faces. This length adds a more feminine look to a woman’s .