Hairstyles for women over 55 with glasses


Many people believe that wearing glasses will take away from their looks. The truth is that there are a number of great hairstyles that will compliment a person’s glasses. There are some things to considered before styling your hair a certain way. The first thing to consider is the type of glasses or the style of the glasses you have. The second thing you have to consider is your facial shape. With all of the combinations of hair styles, glasses and facial types you are sure to find the right type for you. Hairstyles for women over 55 with glasses can be worn day or night.

Glasses and Hairstyle Combinations

Glasses and Hairstyle Choice 1: Short Curls


For women that have high foreheads it is important to go with glasses that will cover their eyebrows. The hairstyle that best suits this look is short curls. Long curls will cloud and cover the face, it will be similar to piling food onto a plate. In some cases less is more and this definitely one of those cases. Make the most out of your glasses and hairstyle by focusing on short, less defined curls. This look is great for women with round faces and large foreheads. To cover the forehead bangs can be used to place the focus on the eyes.

Glasses and Hairstyles Choice 2: Ponytail


The Ponytail look is great for women with oval shaped faces and can be worn with rounded glasses to take some attention away from the chin. The Ponytail is a classic style that is great for women of any age. The Ponytail can be left undone for a casual around-the-home look or it can worn tightly for a professional look. The Ponytail can also be used for women with square faces if bangs are allowed to fall over the forehead.

Glasses and Hairstyles Choice 3: Layers

Glasses and Hairstyles Choice 3: Layers

Layers can add a sultry look to almost any woman’s face, especially with some nice square frames. These frames and layered hair will offset each other causing your hair to stand out. This look can be liven up with highlights or streaks. These streaks and highlights will take attention away from a person cheeks, especially if they are round. The layered hair style is perfect for medium to long hair lengths. Also, thin and thick hair types can benefit from the voluminous effects of Layers.

Glasses and Hairstyles Choice 4: Parting

Glasses and Hairstyles Choice 4: Parting

A great hairstyle for those who have long hair or a round face is parting. Parting your hair asymmetrically is great for women with round faces. Parting your hair works extremely well with dark square frames which will take attention off of a chubby face. Also parting works well with a plethora of hairstyles including: curls, waves and poofs. Parting can work hand in hand with layers, in that it will be able to distract from features of the face. Also parting can make a person look younger especially, with square framed glasses.

Glasses and Hairstyles Choice 5: Long Straight Hair

Glasses and Hairstyles Choice 5: Long Straight Hair

The Classic straighten hair look goes great with a variety of different glasses. You can wear square glasses to offer a more serious, professional look. You could even wear circular or cat eye glasses to give a flirtatious look. Long, straight hair can be styled in a plethora of ways. For women that have square faces, it is a great idea to leave some bangs near your eyebrow for a more exquisite look. One of the best glasses that you can use with long hair is glasses that cover the eye brows. These will liven up your face.