Hairstyles for Women Over 50 with Thin Straight Hair

Women over 50 that have thin, straight hair may find it incredibly difficult to find a hairstyle that suits them best. Many women with thin, straight hair want to have a fuller looking head of hair. Fortunately there are different hairstyles and even haircuts that can be used to give a woman’s hair more volume. Some of these looks are classic and timeless. While the others are new age and trendy. Whichever style a woman over 50 chooses, it is important that she remembers that all hairstyles can be customized to their liking. There are many choices of Hairstyles for Women Over 50 with Thin Straight Hair.

Thin Straight Hairstyles with Pizzazz:



The best way to make thin hair look more voluminous is through curling it. Curling is one of the best ways that a woman can add volume and fullness to the look of her hair. A woman in her 50’s can make use of classic shoulder length curls, for both a professional and casual look. Curls can be layered with a side part to add to the look of the curls. Curls are incredibly versatile and work for literally every face shape imaginable.

Classic Short Bob


Another great hairstyle is the classic short Bob. Similar to the shoulder length Bob this bob can be cut closer to the ears for a more youthful look. The Bob is one of the most versatile hairstyles available. You can let a few bangs hang down in front of your face, or you can crop it at the forehead. The short Bob is also low maintenance and can be worn during the day and night. The Bob can also be layered or parted in the middle for a casual evening out.

Straight Hair

Straight Hair Hairstyles

Straightening your hair into a flip style is perfect for long, thin hair. This style adds a sassy look to round or square facial features. In many cases caring for your straighten hair requires minimal to moderate maintenance. You also have the choice of layering your hair or leaving it unlayered for a different look on the straight hairstyle. The benefit of this style is that it affords you more options for the future. Also this look is perfect for women with long, thin hair who are looking to keep it managed.

Crop Haircut


For women over 50 that have a oval shaped face, the crop haircut works perfectly. This hairstyle is absolutely perfect for women with thin, straight hair. This haircut is very dynamic and really catches the eye, when cut correctly. The different directions of wispy hair make the crop an eye catcher especially in a casual setting. The crop has tons of layers that all add to the hairstyles awesome look. Also, this haircut works perfectly with blonde, red or burgundy hair colors. So if you decide to dye your hair, this style would fit perfectly with your decision.



Another option for those that have a thin, straight hair is the shag. Unlike the conventional shag, this hairstyle has no to very little layers in them. This hairstyle is a medium length hairstyle and can be cut near the neckline for a more defined chin line. For women with rounder faces this is the perfect hairstyle for you. The hairstyle will maintain a feminine appearance, but also also the wearer to look sophisticated. This hairstyle is great for a professional look especially if the cut is kept above the shoulders. Shears work incredibly well in styling the ends of the hair.