Hairstyles for Women Over 50 with Square Face

For many years women with square faces have found it incredibly hard to find a good hairstyle that suits them. This is especially true for women entering their fifties. However, there are hair choices available to women that make have square faces. With the right hairstyles, certain aspects of your face can be soften or made more pronounced. This provides women with square faces a fair number of styling options for their hair. Hairstyles for Women Over 50 with Square Face can also try out new styling options to maximize these looks.

Great Hairstyle Options for Square Faced Women over 50

Long Flowing Curls

Hairstyles for Women Over 50 with Square Face

Women with square shaped faces should considered going with a longer hairstyle. One hairstyle in particular is long flowing curls. This style is perfect for business meeting or personal time with family. One of the major benefits of this style, is that it does not require much maintenance once its finished. You could easily wear this same hairstyle through the day and into the latter part of the evening. This hairstyle softens the facial features of a woman with a square face. Women with medium or thick hair has this option at their disposal.

Classic Straight


Another long look that can add years to your facial features is the classic straight hairstyle. This style is perfect as it is simple and can be done from home. Women with square faces can make use of the symmetry found with their face. This hairstyle can feature highlights that will liven the eyes and make the hairstyle stand out. Bangs can be placed over the forehead to change the overall appearance of the shape of a woman’s face. This hairstyle is also great for women who have thick to medium hair.

Long Bob


For a bold look that embraces the square face is the long bob. Similar the Bob, this hairstyle allows the features of the face to be heavily contrasted with the hair. In some cases this may be a bad thing, but the long Bob offers square faced women a bold option. This hairstyle option is perfect as it allows the users to highlights to make the Bob more pronounced. Also features of the face will seem sharp without being overbearing. One tip to remember is to use a straightening cream that will be light and not too greasy.

Soft Curl


A great option for square faces is the soft curl hairstyle. Curls typically soften the look of any facial type and can add a bit of youthfulness to a woman’s face. These curls are slightly different than standard curls. Soft Curls are not as tightly wound and can be cut shorter for women that have a square face. This short hairstyle adds more options to a woman’s hairstyle choices and is perfect for women with thin hair. One tip to remember about short curls is that highlighting them can cause a huge contrast to a woman’s face. It is best to test it out on a small part of your hair before completely committing to a highlight.



Finally one of the most popular and styling hairstyles out is the Ombre. This hair style combines a straighten hair with curls at the end. The ombre has been featured on many celebrities including: Jessica Alba, Jessica Simpson and Jessica Biel. Ombre’s provide square faced women with the best of both straighten and curled hair. This contrasted hair length is perfect for women in their fifties as it gives the face a sultry look. This look is perfect for those evening out at dinner or to a show.