Hairstyles for Women Over 50 with Round Faces

For many women choosing a great hairstyle that fits their face type and age can be a little bit confusing. In the world of beauty and fashion there are new trends coming out every day. Some of these styles can fit any age of woman for mid 20’s to late 50’s. However it is important that a woman take into consideration her facial type as well as her age, when she decides to change her hairstyle. When it comes to finding, Hairstyles for Women Over 50 with Round Faces, there are an entire host of different options.

Awesome Hairstyles for Mature Women with Round Faces

Style Option 1: Bob


One of the best and most well known hairstyles for women with round faces is the Bob. More specifically a dyed or Blonde Bob works best. With all of the different colors available, women over 50 have plenty of options to create the perfect Bob. This medium length haircut can add a bit of layering to an average hairstyle. For most women this will add a bit of youthfulness to any round face and can be cut with your personal preference in mind. One important tip to remember is that highlights can be applied to give this look more pop!

Style Option 2: flip


Another great option for women who are a little more daring is the flip. This hairstyle incorporates cutting the hair short, while leaving bangs near the forehead. Then layers of the hair will be winged out to add a dynamic look to this hairstyle. This helps round faces by creating a bit of an angle at the chin level of the woman. This style is perfect for older women that may have straight or wavy hair. Also, women that have thin or thick hair can benefit from this hairstyle as it adds volume to the look.

Style Option 3: Copper curls



Curls are a girls best friend. Copper curls can add a unique and distinct look to a round woman’s face. The best part about this hairstyle is that a woman can add different dimensions to her look to change the effect of the curls. A woman can add a part in her hair and change the length on one side to create an awesome curl look. Though the curls may look a bit unkempt it will add a sultry look to a woman with a round face.

Style Option 4: Bouncy wave

Style Option 4: Bouncy wave

Wave fans rejoice! The Bouncy wave style is an incredibly effective way to add a professional, but fun look to a mature woman’s demeanor. This hairstyle is created by parting the hair down the middle and the addition of waves on the side. One side will be longer to create more volume and lengthen the look of the face. The shorter side will balance the longer side out, by creating a sweeping effects around your chin. Women with very fine to thick hair can all achieve this dramatic look.

Style Option 5: Edgy Bob

Style Option 5: Edgy Bob

A very close cousin to the very first style option is the more edgy version of the Bob. This version is an even shorter cut of the traditional bob with even more layers. This layered bob can be offset with some blonde, or red highlights to accentuate the hairstyle. This style of haircut is perfect for round faces as it ends right at the jawline. This will create the effects of a sharp jawline which adds a look of sophistication to any round face. This look is perfect for any hair thickness and can be complemented with bangs for a more pronounced effect.