Hairstyles That Women Can Choose Even When Over 40 And 50

As a woman matures she may find herself confused about what hairstyles best suit her. The funny thing about hairstyles is many of the classic hairstyles never fall out of style. There are a few things to consider before committing to a new hairstyle. The first thing is your facial shape. There are different types including: square, diamond, oblong and round. Knowing which facial shape you have will help you pick the best hairstyle for you. Also, you need to decide if you want a high maintenance hair style or a low maintenance one. Bobs, Shags, Curls and Twists are some of the Hairstyles that Women Can Choose Even When over 40 and 50.

Best Hairstyles For Mature Women

Short Shag


If you are looking for a bold hairstyle or a change from the norm, you should definitely try a short shag. This hair cut, lines the hair up at ear level and offers a high end, but sporty look. With a short shag it is important to remember that your facial features will be more pronounced. So if you have a high cheekbones and full lips this is the haircut for you. The short shag can be layered or non layered depending on your preference. Also, this hairstyle is perfect for an evening out on the town.



One of the most well known female hairstyles is the Bob. This classic hairstyle looks great no matter what your age is! The beautiful thing about the Bob is that it can be cut to any length. The short, medium and long bob all look great on almost all facial types and can take years off of your look. In addition to its anti-aging powers, it also can be layered to make the hair style bolder. With a layered bob you are sure to attract a lot of attention.

Medium Cut


Medium cut hair length offers you more versatility throughout the day. More importantly you can curl it, straighten out and even wave it if you so desire. The shoulder length straight hairstyle has been fashionable for many decades. This style is especially great for women with more rounded faces as it can add additional angles to the face. This sophisticated and classy style works well in business as well as casual settings. With your choice of layers or no layers you can dramatically change your look at anytime.

Waves hairstyle


Waves are not for the faint of heart! However, waves make great hair options for women in their 40’s and 50’s. If you are looking for a bold new look waves offer you the option of soft or deep waves. Deeper waves are more pronounced and are a eye catcher especially for women with square faces. Soft waves are great for women that have rounded faces and oftentimes accentuate the facial features of a woman. If you do decide to go for the waves look some highlights at the end of your hair can really set of your new look. Many celebrities opt for darker waves at the top that transition into lighter colored ends of their hair.

Bangs and Fringes


A new hairstyle favorite in the media today, is the bangs and fringes. These two hair styles can be considered add on’s to any aforementioned hairstyle. Bangs and fringes instantly add a youthfulness to a woman’s face. The benefit of bangs is that they can be worn short or long depending on the shape of the individuals face. Regardless of length Bangs and fringes will take years off of a person’s face.