Hairstyles for Mature Women with Round Faces

Having a round face shape can be an interesting challenge when you’re trying to find the perfect cut. Hairstyles for mature women with round faces can be any length or texture. The key to finding a complementary style is to pay attention to the shape of the cut, and how it works with your hair type.

Hairstyles are meant to make you look your best, and should suit your lifestyle. It should enhance your best features and conceal your flaws. Women with round faces do well to consider cuts that narrow and lengthen the face, rather than widen it.

Mature women have additional considerations when choosing a hairstyle. A good cut will take attention away from the fine lines around your eyes. Styling your hair so the sides go back and away from your face lifts your eyes and flatters your neck.

As we age, we start to see changes in the pigment in our hair. Blondes get darker, dark hair can fade, and we start seeing gray hairs creeping in. Adding soft color and highlights can add depth and dimension to your cut, and hide your gray hairs for a few more years.

Best Hairstyles for Round Faces

Pixie Cut


Short hair for round faces can be difficult, because you want to add length to your face rather than emphasize the roundness. A good option can be a pixie cut, spiking your short hair up while keeping it straight and below the ears on the sides.

The pixie cut never seems to go out of style, and has seen a recent surge in popularity with celebrities. The best cuts for mature women with round faces add height and are styled off your face. Your bangs should be swept to one side, to add some softness to this look.

This is a great look for women with an active lifestyle. Simply wash, dry and apply product with your fingers and you are ready to go.

The Long Bob


This classic, elegant style is perfect for mature women with round faces. Traditionally, this look demands a center part with no bangs. An off-center part adds a modern twist to this style, adding softness around your face while maintain the lengthening lines of the cut.

Adding side-swept bangs to your bob will also add some extra softness to this style, and frame your face. Straight, wispy bangs are best for round face shapes, and are on trend as well.

For a more youthful look, be sure to style your long bob away from your face. You can even tuck it behind your ears for a quick and easy style. This will draw attention away from the fine lines around your eyes.

Long Layers


Long hair works great with round faces because it lengthens the face. The best long hair length is a few inches below the chin. Adding in layers below the jaw adds softness and an element of playfulness.

Shorter layers add body and volume to your hair, which can make a round face seem rounder. And if your hair is curly, layers will thin out your long locks, keeping it from adding width to your face.

Long, side-swept bangs can blend in with your long layers, and add some angles to your round face. They can make fine lines less noticeable, and add life and vibrancy to your face.

Mature women need to take special care with longer hair. Older hair can be dry and lifeless. Make sure you condition regularly and get your hair trimmed and shaped every 6-8 weeks. If you color your hair, you will need to touch up your roots between cuts.