Hairstyles for Mature Women with Oval Faces

Oval face shapes are considered to be the most ideal of all. This face shape can wear virtually any haircut with style. The best hairstyles for mature women with oval faces is a casual short to medium cut, playing up your best features and making you look sexy and vibrant.

When choosing your hairstyle, make sure that your cut draws attention to your best features and minimizes your worst. Play up your beautiful eyes, while distracting from the fine lines around your mouth. Typically, the best cuts are styled with the hair off of the face. And a versatile cut that can be slicked back for a sleek sophisticated look allows you to go from day to night with ease.

Be sure to avoid cuts that cover up your features, or mask your face shape. Heavy bangs, or styles that push your hair forward can add the appearance of extra weight to your face, and make you look older and fatigued.

Sometimes, mature women with oval faces can appear to have a long face. If this applies to you, be careful not to add height on top of your head. If your hair is thick or curly, avoid a blunt cut which adds width to the bottom of your face.

Hairstyles for Women with Oval Faces

Shoulder Length Waves


The key to the perfect shoulder length cut lies in the length. It should hit just at the collarbone, or just above it. The addition of soft waves adds volume and plays up your cheekbones.

You should have some wave or body to your hair for this style to work for you. But it works equally well on hair textures ranging from coarse to fine. To achieve a look with a lot of movement, the ends should be texturized with a feather razor, making the line of the hair look clean but taking out the weight of the hair.

Shoulder length waves are quick and easy to create when you have natural waves, or with permed hair. If you use a curling device or heat appliance to create your waves, this style will require more time and styling products for hold.

Shaggy Bob


The shaggy bob is a combination of the classic bob, and a shag haircut. Both cuts are popular, modern looks for mature women. But the shaggy bob is a hot, trendy look for celebrities these days.

You can wear a shaggy bob with any face shape, but the advantage to women with an oval shaped face is the layered ends make your hair look thicker around the jaw line, filling in where your face is the thinnest.

This style works with straight or wavy hair. If you have straight hair, the layers give you some volume, and add movement. With wavy hair, the layers lighten the hair around your face, opening it up and creating a more youthful appearance.

Styling is easy with this cut. You can blow dry your layers with a paddle brush, straightening the ends with a flat iron, for a chic, sophisticated look. Or you can apply styling cream and let it air dry for a tousled, casual look.

Long Bob


A longer version of the classic bob, this cut is a great look to frame a longer, oval face. The hair is cut just above the shoulders, leave the ends to curl up under the jaw line. Side swept bangs help to frame your face, and add some softness to this otherwise blunt cut.

This cut works on straight or wavy hair. It’s a good idea to ask your stylist to cut it a bit shorter in the back. This adds some dimension and a touch of modern styling to a classic cut.