Hairstyles for Mature Women with Glasses

Women who wear glasses always have the challenge of deciding which hairstyle will make them look attractive and fashionable. Fortunately, there are many hairstyles for mature women with glasses that flatter and are on trend.

These days, glasses are not only functional, but are also a fashion accessory. Everyone who wears eyeglasses is concerned about how they make them look. And your hairstyle plays into this as well.

Today’s glasses are designed to be unobtrusive and flattering. But, like all fashion trends, styles evolve over the years. Over the last decades, we have moved from large, rounded styles in the seventies to the smaller styles currently popular. The style that’s right for you depends largely on your personal taste, and your face shape.

As women mature, your hair texture changes. It becomes less dense, and you are likely to notice that it is beginning to think. The hairstyle you choose should not only flatter the shape of your face, but should also match the frame style of your glasses. Your hairstyle should suit your hair texture, and be age appropriate as well.

The same factors that go into choosing the style of your eyeglasses influence your hairstyle. Your glasses can change the balance and look of your facial features, which makes choosing a hairstyle that works with your glasses an important decision. Glasses simply add another element to those you consider when choosing your hairstyle.

Hair Styles for Women with Glasses

Chin Length Bob


A great classic hairstyle for mature women with glasses is the chin length bob. The bob stays in style year after year. The key is to keep it updated, and maintain a modern style suited to your face shape and your eyeglasses style.

This style works great for any almost any face shape and hair texture. And the strong, vertical lines associated with this style are most complimentary to wide-framed eyeglasses. It’s perfect for the woman who wants to look chic and modern, without spending a lot of time on styling.

Cropped Hairstyle


A cropped hairstyle is wispy and gamine, and looks great with glasses. With so many styling options available, you can change up your look quickly and easily.

With close-cropped sides, and longer layers on top, you can go from a spiky textured look to a sleek and sophisticated style with just a bit of styling gel. This style leaves your face open, taking attention away from any fine lines around your mouth and eyes. It looks great with rimless glasses, or the smaller eyeglasses that are currently popular.

Pixie Haircut


The pixie haircut is the classic short style for mature women. In recent years, however, this style has become more and more popular with younger women as well. The pixie cut is very similar to a cropped cut, but has longer layers on the sides and in the back.

Like the cropped cut, this style opens up your face and draws attention away from those fine lines around your eyes and mouth. At the same time, the soft short layers soften your face and help you achieve a younger, more youthful look.

This style is well suited to smaller or rimless eyeglass frames. If you have larger frames, this short style may make it appear that your glasses overpower your face.

Shag Hairstyle


Another great hairstyle for mature women with glasses is the shag hairstyle. This style can be chin length to shoulder length, and works well with wavy or straight hair. The longer length, with additional volume on the sides is great for large framed, or heavy rimmed glasses.