Hairstyles for Women Over 50 Square Face

If you have a square face then finding the right hairstyle can be quite the challenge. When you add age into the mix and you are over 50 you might feel as though it is impossible to find a hairstyle that is going to look great on you. The fact is that there are some really wonderful hairstyles for women over 50 square faces that will flatter your face and help you look great.

The Front Poof with the Almost Shoulder Length Bob

Hairstyles for Women Over 50 Square Face

If you are rocking a bob that is almost shoulder length, then you have got to try the front poof. A nice half up hairdo with a little oomph is what makes this hairstyle so perfect for someone with a square face. It draws attention upwards. Razor cuts uneven ends can also help to elongate the face and keep the jaw line from looking so harsh.

Have Highlights Underneath

Highlights Underneath

There are many different ways that you can color hair to take attention away from certain facial features. When looking at hairstyles for women over 50 square faces you will find that adding highlights in the layers underneath the hair add a new dimension. This new dimension will help to soften the jaw line of the face and can help to make the face look less square.

Longer Than Shoulder Length Layers

Shoulder Length Layers

Women who have a square face should appreciate layers in their hair. If you have hair that is longer than shoulder length then short layers that start at the shoulders is a great way to add new dimensions to your face. Make sure that you balance by parting hair on one side and having a lot of volume up top to make it look like the face is more rounded and even.

Flowing Long Curls with Low Lights

Flowing Long Curls with Low Lights

Longer flowing curls are a great look for women who are over the age of 50 and looking to hide their square face shape. These long curls can make it look as though your face is longer than it is and can help lengthen your chin. Low lights will add further dimension that will help with concealing a square face shape as well.

A new Angle

Angled hairstyle

Choosing a haircut with a new angle is a great way to change how your face shape appears to everyone else. An asymmetrical angle requires a side part and longer hair on one side. This cut does require a commitment to styling your hair in the same way each day. If you fail to do this then your cut is going to look uneven and unpolished instead of sleek and modern.

Framing the Face

Framing the Face

Another choice of the hairstyles for women over 50 square face is to choose lots of face framing layers and chopping bangs. This cut is going to look good on younger and older women alike and requires little daily styling if it has been cut appropriately.

Choosing hairstyles for women over 50 square faces can be challenging, but with the right tools and a stylist that knows how to create a modern look, it can be simple. You will find that you look great and are less self conscious than you might have been before about your square face shape.