Hairstyles For Women Over 45

People say that when a woman turns 45, she has officially hit middle age and for some, this means that time for a woman to slow down because she is getting older. However, being 45 does not mean that it is time to break out the rocking chair because some women only get better with age. One way that a woman can prove to everyone how young and desirable she still is, there are many hairstyles for women over 45 that can still be fun, flirty, and fabulous.

The best haircuts for women in their 40s

Center parting of the hair with lots of pretty curls


With a woman over, the idea of parting her hair down the middle is not appealing because of the fact she may have grey hair, and the best place for roots to show is when the hair is parted down the center. However, center parted hair styles can actually make a woman look younger than her age especially if she styles her hair in just the right way. Curls are often associated with little girls, but for a woman over 45, curls can signify youth and everything that goes with it like being sugar, spice, and everything nice!

A sophisticated short haircut for an older business woman:


Many women over 45 are still working, and they have to make sure they always wear nice business clothes, have all the right accessories to go with it, and of course, the best hair style they can afford. With short hair, a working woman can wash her hair, then add some mousse and a wide tooth comb to help style the hair in a flattering style that will show that even a working woman over 45 can look just as good as her younger counterparts.

A pony tail done the right way can be perfect for an older woman:


Pony tails are often thought of as something a woman puts her hair into when she is about to go to the gym, shopping, or just wants to relax over the weekend. However, pony tails do not necessarily have to be the speedy hairdo, and done the right way they can actually be quite stylish. Some women will do their hair in a pony tail, then take a single strand of hair and wrap it around the hair tie they may be using for it. Also, pony tails can be decorated with things like headbands and barrettes, which will also add some sparkle to the look especially if they are in the same color as the clothes the older woman is wearing that day.

Longer hair with loose curls give a Mother Earth look that cannot be beat:


An older woman with straight hair often wants to change up the way her hair looks on a daily basis. While curling her whole head may be a lot of work, and a lot of time she may not have, there is another way to give it that same loose curl look. By taking some hair from the sides, and then braiding that while the hair is damp, is going to leave that hair nice and wavy once its dry. After the braid is out, a pick or a comb with wide teeth, can be used to comb all the hair together, and the waves will be loose enough to be blended with the rest of the hair. With the waves being blended with straight hair, it will give the older woman volume, and the light amount of curls will give her a down to earth look that she can even dress up with a few flower barrettes or real flowers even tucked into the sides.