Hairstyles for Women Over 40 with Thick Hair

Maintaining the beauty of your crowning glory can greatly affect your personal outlook. It doesn’t matter how old you are. Everyone likes the idea of looking good. However, as you grow older the number of things you have to consider in choosing a hairstyle increases too. But you shouldn’t really worry too much about it. There are a lot of hairstyles for women over 40 with thick hair that you can use. You just need to take the time to compare your options and make a well-thought decision.

Get a Skilled Stylist First

There is a right order of things. In getting a new hairstyle, you’ll need to find a stylist first. Why? A stylist’s skills can make or break your hair image.

Although salons have their own standards for hiring staff members, you can’t be too trusting. It can be a simple case of mismatch in their part, but your hair wouldn’t grow back soon after it’s been cut terribly. If you have a stylist in mind that you’ve been working with in the past, choose her. It’s very important that you’re comfortable with the person cutting your hair. You would find it easier to raise objections once you feel that she’s cutting too short or too long.

Short to Medium Hairstyle Options

Boy Cut


You might notice that older women prefer short hair a lot. They’ve made a right choice. As women get older, the hair usually thins out. Because of this, the styles you can manage decreases. The best and most simple style you can have would be the boy cut. The great thing about this is that there are a lot of variations. For example, you can have side swept bangs or ones that are divided in the middle. The cut can be layered or even. The hair near the nape can be V-shaped or simply leveled. The colors suitable for this hairstyle come in lots of varieties as well.

Semi Hairstyle

Shaggy Cut

Shaggy Cut

This is the most popular hairstyle among women over 40. First reason, it’s very trendy. Second reason, it’s highly manageable. If you’re a natural blonde, this haircut is especially designed for you. Because short ragged edges suggest a fierce image, the blonde color softens it through contrast. However, the cut looks good in whatever color you choose. Do avoid striking colors such as deep red or orange blonde since they aren’t very good choices for aged women. Always stick to neutral colors and if you’re happy with your natural one, keep it as it is.

Long Hairstyle Options

Having thick hair while in your 40’s is pretty much an achievement. Not all women are blessed with a healthy scalp to be able to hold that much hair strands. The great news is that most hairstyles that have long lengths are applicable. However, when you ask your stylist for a cut, do give her the following instructions:

1) Layer as much as possible. Because you have a thick hair, having an even cut would make your head look like an upright gourd since hair edges tend to fly away. Go for an end trim that either forms the letter V or U.

2) Leave the upper part thick and gradually thin out up to the edges. Although you don’t necessarily need volume, it’s best to always have a hair shape in whatever angle you look at. Looking from a front perspective, things might be alright. But the side view can be a mess if the layering isn’t done right. Have your stylist slash all the extra hair from the neck and lower to give a nice curve on the middle portion.