Hairstyles for the Over 50 Women with Glasses

Looking good becomes difficult as you grow older. You have to consider a lot of things when styling, plus you need to keep a serious yet approachable image. Every fashion inspiration starts with the hair. If you have a great hairstyle, people would be able to focus more on your face than in any other part. If you’re wearing glasses, you simply need to get a cut that would accentuate your facial features and the shape of your head. There aren’t too many options for hairstyles for the over 50 women with glasses, but there are enough to match every type of face and structure.

Determine Your Face Structure

Since you’re wearing glasses, you can’t use your eyes as inspiration. You have to base your hairstyle on your face shape instead. The following would be a short guide to what shape you belong to.

  • Heart shaped – this is characterized by a curved hairline with a v-shaped division in the middle. If you have this shape, it’s best to choose hairstyles without bangs.
  • Oval shaped – this is self-explanatory. Since the glasses cut your face in half, the upper part would appear like a half circle instead. You’ll need a good cut for bangs that would complement the wide curve.
  • Square shaped – this refers to faces that have defined edges. People with this shape would normally have wide jaws. Hairstyles that suit this type would be huge curves that cover the lower area of the face.
  • Diamond shaped – this is usually found in women with thin body builds. As you grow older, the shape of your face becomes more defined because of the lost fats. Straight hair is best for this shape.

Recommended Hairstyles

There are several reasons why short hair is the best length for people with glasses. One, it doesn’t interfere with your vision. Two, it’s easy to fix especially when your glasses mess it up when you wear or remove them. Three, it’s very simple to maintain and fix even while you’re wearing your glasses.

Tapered cut


This refers to a short boy cut version wherein the hair is layered till the nape. Cuts like these usually require electric shavers. You’ll find this flattering if you’re tall and thin with a diamond face shape. However, it’s better not to don this style if you’re on the heavy side. This haircut doesn’t go well with highlights, so choose plain hair coloring.

Short layered cut


This is another short hairstyle wherein the length of the hair is not less than 1.5 inches and the longest can go over 2 inches for the bangs. This is still typically a boy cut type, but it is designed for women. You’ll have to be careful with the length of the bangs. If you only have reading glasses, longer ones that go below your eyebrows are fine. However, if you have full-graded lenses, its best to get shorter lengths.

Blunt cuts


This can be applied to any hair length. But it is advisable to limit the longest to 12-16 inches. Blunt cuts mean cuts that are not aligned. Making cuts like these are made with a special pair of scissors with an edge that looks like parted teeth. You can experiment a lot on hair color and highlights. Go for a dark and light contrast such as blonde and black.

Short poodle afro


If you’re brave enough, you can consider getting an afro perm. Make sure to include that the perm should be medium natural when directing the stylist. One good reason why this is good for people with glasses is the fact that it doesn’t need combing. You wouldn’t have to worry about messing it.