Hairstyles for the Over 50 Women Fine Hair

A woman’s hairstyle greatly depends on a woman’s age. It is crucial to be able to understand how to choose a design based on the cut, style, and color. Hairstyles for the over 50 women fine hair are very limited when it comes to style and color. Which is why, you’ll have to emphasize on the cut.

Luckily, there are a lot of cuts that are applicable for middle aged women and older. You can flip through fashion and celebrity magazine for ideas. It is always better to get a clear image of the cut you want. The following would be a few pointers on how to choose a suitable hairstyle.

  1. Go for fuller styles – Because you have thin hair, your first priority should be to make it look thicker. This is very important especially for women with slim faces. Nevertheless, it can also flatter round face shapes as long as the lengths are well-matched.
  2. Short is better – Cutting the hair short makes the hair look thicker. This is a basic knowledge for stylists. No matter which style you choose, always get a short one. If you’re not comfortable with it, search for cuts that sit on the shoulders or go a little bit below the neck. Any more than that would visually thin out your hair.
  3. Choose plain, light hair colors – You have two options: retain your natural color or bleach it out. If you’re blonde, there is no need to bleach it. Once you get older, your scalp becomes more sensitive so it’s best that you avoid heavy chemical treatments. If you really want to change the color, opt for highlights instead. But don’t put too many streaks since it would defeat the purpose of going plain.

Hairstyles with Bangs

The best way to create an illusion that you have thick hair is by putting bangs. However, this would largely depend on the face shape and the haircut.

Short hairstyles


Any variation of boy cuts, tapered cut, and short blunt cuts are suitable for women over 50. Because the hair relaxes in different directions, it creates an image of a fuzzy ball from the back view. This is of course a good thing. Bangs for this type have to be short as well. Longer ones are only good with teenagers with punk images.

Medium hairstyles


The best length would be around the shoulders or approximately 8-12 inches. A shaggy cut would be the most suitable for this type. Thinning the edges about 55% of the original hair would make the cut striking. The bangs should be side swept parted on the side. It would be best to let the hair longer in the front so the bangs fall naturally with the rest of the hair.

Long hairstyles


It isn’t very good to have a long hairstyle when you get older especially if you have thin hair. The only option you can have if you want to maintain the length is get a perm. A natural perm would be a good choice. But, if you have the guts, you can sport a frizz. A lot of women today are starting to get perms because of the influence of various celebrities. It’s not a bad idea and it’s the most famous hairstyle at the moment. However, you’ll need to have strong roots to survive through the curling process. Depending on how curly you want it, the medicine goes stronger.

When you go to a salon, consult with your stylist the possible options. Give her all the details that you want. It’s best to be specific as possible. The stylist can handle the rest once she has an idea of the main points.