Hairstyles for Plus Size Women with Round Faces

It can be frustrating to find the right style to get when you’re overweight. There aren’t a lot of wardrobe options and even the hairstyles are limited. When it comes down to hairstyling, the face shape would matter more than the figure. This is because the design of the hair is made with the goal of complementing the facial features. If you’re looking for hairstyles for plus size women with round faces, then you’re at the right place. Before you go to a salon, gain a little knowledge about your hairstyle options and what’s best for you.

What should my hair length be?

For large women, it’s best to have long hair. This is because vertical dimensions that cut through the body make a person slimmer visually. If you want it long, aim for lengths over 18 inches. Having a round face would normally limit your options, but it can also be an advantage for hairstyles that include bangs.

Should I get my hair colored?

Hair coloring nowadays is as natural as eating. A lot of people do it and there is no reason that you shouldn’t. If you’re not comfortable about the sudden change, you don’t have to force yourself. However, there are certain hairstyles that look much better with a coordinated hair color. If you are willing to go the extra mile, then there shouldn’t be any problem.

Great Hairstyles for Round Faces

The following are modern hairstyles that would do well in creating a slimming illusion on the face. Most styles are best let-down with minimum accessories.

Layered Style with Soft Fringes


This style works best for straight hair. The thickness should be medium to fine. Having a big hair density would make the hair fly sideways, which is not very good to look at. The fringe is considered soft when it doesn’t form a straight edge when aligned. Since it’s meant for a round face shape it is important to make the features of the style as curvy as possible. Maintaining this type of hair requires frequent application of good hair oil or styling cream. Choose one that does not harden so the flow of the hair is maintained. Try not to damp it as well.

Shoulder-length Layered Hair


This can be applied to curly, wavy, or straight hair. The layering process is different for the three. A good stylist would know what to do if asked specifically. Just focus your attention on where the layering should start and how thin you want the edges to be. For straight hair, this style wouldn’t need a lot of grooming attention. However, for the other two, minimum requirement would be to have a personal comb and hair styling cream. This is to keep hair strands in place at all times. Very curly hair tend to get easily messy with a little brush-up, so make sure that you bring your grooming kits at all times.

Short/Medium Length Shag with Bangs

Short/Medium Length Shag with Bangs

If you are tall, go with a medium length. Use the other if you are short. Shag hairstyles are very light since a large percentage of the hair is chopped off. It is an extreme application of layering and usually starts around the crown of the head unto the edges. The bangs are for creating a good hair shape. Because a lot of hair is cut, the shape of the hair doesn’t look much defined. This is why bangs are made in the front so that the hair would still appear thick; although inward. Scan through magazines and find a good photo of the style you want. Show it to your stylist the next time you come for a cut.