Hairstyles for Overweight Women with Oval Faces

To select a hairstyle that matches your face shape is a necessary skill every woman should learn. The best style largely depends on the facial structure and outline; which is why even the most popular hairstyles for celebrities wouldn’t look as good on you if it doesn’t go with your shape. It is important to choose wisely since the hair doesn’t grow another inch for a year. If your face is oval shaped, you have a few good options. However, you’ll need to coordinate it with your body type as well. The following are a few hairstyles for overweight women with oval faces that can guide you in deciding for your own.

Getting a new hairstyle without giving too much thought would only give you a nightmare in the end. Always make decisions after carefully thinking about all considerations. The good thing about oval-shaped faces is that every hairstyle can be a good match. However, there are a few touch-ups that are needed in order to make the pairing work.

Thin or Fine Hair


You’ll need a lot of volume if you have significantly low hair density. The best style for this type of hair would be bob cuts or pixie cuts. This is because short lengths give more volume to the hair compared to long ones. Since you have a large body-type, it is important to make a good proportion between the head and the rest.

For the touch-ups, only layer the edges of the hair. Try not to cut too much. Making a curving inward illusion at the tips would make the hair appear full and bouncy. If you are considering hair colors, its best to choose very light shades. Apply dark highlights until about 3 inches from the crown of the head. Use good contrast when choosing the base color and the highlight. For instance: platinum blonde and black, or ash blonde and mocha brown.

For everyday styling, you’ll need at least a hair laminate or a mild styling cream. Choose ones with low viscosity. You don’t want your hair to look damp all day. Pour a few drops on your palms and apply it to your hair with brushing strokes. Don’t comb afterwards. Let it naturally fall.

Short to Medium Thick Hair


Most women with thick hair would consider going for short hairstyles; but that’s not really necessary. It’s a blessing to have a high density and it would provide you with more styling options since you wouldn’t need to think about the volume.

If your hair is wavy or curly, have your stylist do a heavy layered style. This is to thin out the middle part up to the edges. This also allows your curls to fall loosely giving a very natural effect. However, if you have a frizz, ask for your options to have it straightened or stretched to a certain degree. Thick hair with such characteristics would be too difficult to manage.

Thick or Thin Long Hair


For those of you who want to have long hair, the most important rule is never to have bangs. This is because you have a great oval-shaped face. It’s best to flatter it, not hide it.

Since bangs are not an option, go for hairstyles that emphasize on shape like medium-layered fringes or blunt cuts. Shags are very good for the edges. For thin hair, go for leveled tips. For thick hair, make the tips form a “V”.

For color, a plain one is good enough. Long hair with luscious plain colors creates a shimmering effect when hit by light or the sun. It’s art just like that. If you want to add more personality to it, have one or two streaks on one side.