Hairstyles for Overweight Women Over 50

Grooming your hair is a matter of self-appreciation. When you want to look good, it would also mean that you think you’re important. This is what all women should feel regardless of race or appearance. As you grow older, your choices for beautifying yourself become slimmer. If you gain weight, you get another thing to consider when making decisions. To make your problems easier to handle, these are few hairstyles for overweight women over 50 that you can try. You don’t need to visit the salon everyday to look good. You only need good hair and a smile of confidence.

Best Fat Women Over 50 Hairstyles

Length Options

Since you most likely have a wide body, it’s best to choose extreme hair lengths. For example, if you want it short, make it shorter than the normal shoulder length. If you want it long, go for lengths that reach the mid-section or a few inches higher.

You main goal is to get a length that is easy to manage. When you have very short lengths, there is no need for constant brushing or tying. You can let your hair as it is and still look good. You’ll need to be careful for bed hair though. On the other hand, long hair allows you to tie it into a bun or ponytail when you’re doing chores or feel too hot. Long hairs also allow you a lot of hair dos for different occasions.

Color Options

When you are older, it’s usually best not to color your hair anymore since there are certain chemicals mixed in the solution that can cause allergies or skin irritation. If you really want to get one, ask your hairdresser for a natural product. If not, ask for a coloring method that requires the least amount of chemical use.

For the application, always choose neutral colors. Getting streaks would be too chic so avoid doing so. You can try getting highlights, but limit it only to a small portion of the hair; usually at the crown or at the inner part at the back of the neck.

General Hairstyles Suitable for Older Women
Long Bob (Lob)


This hairstyle is perfect for petite women with natural blonde hair. This goes well with a side part or side sweep because the length of the hair remains unchanged. You have to do a little to no layering on the tips to keep the hair full and bouncy throughout. The best length would be over the shoulders or an inch higher.

Very Short Bob
Short Bob

Since its best to go to extremes with length, getting a bob with blunt trims would be perfect. It adds a sexy feel by showing a little bit of the nape. Improve the style by adding bangs with blunt cuts as well. Try not to make it too short. Make the longest hair about 5-6 inches while the rest should range from 3-5 inches.

Medium Perm

This means that the hair from the roots up to the middle is left straight while the rest are curled. A lot of aged celebrities don this hairstyle since it fashion-friendly. It matches all types of occasions with minimal hairdressing. It also goes well with all types of hair color. Streaks would be better complements. However, since you need to match it with your age, choose a streak that is a little bit darker than the base color.

Asian Cut

This is the trending cut a lot of women nowadays old or young love to wear. It’s basically a combination of different sets of layers and tapers until the hair achieves a highly defined shape like an octopus. For older women, it’s best to have the shorter version wherein the full volume ends around the nape while the rest are thinned out till a few inches over the shoulders.