Hairstyles for Overweight Middle Aged Women

The appearance of a person starts with the style of the hair. No matter how great a dress you wear, if your hair looks like a ball of bed hair, no one would want to compliment your style. A lot of people would say that the hair is fairly easy to manage; but this isn’t the case when you get older. As the years continue to add up, the quality of the hair, texture, and sometimes color changes. Matters are even worse when you gain weight as well. Looking for hairstyles for overweight middle aged women that would flatter a large body type is very difficult because of the existing fashion dos and don’ts. Despite this, it is essential for any woman to be aware of what looks good and bad on them.

Considerations during Selection

When you choose a hairstyle, you need to take note of several factors first which pertain to your physical characteristics and facial features.

  1. Know your face shape. The type of hairstyle greatly depends on the shape of the face. There are certain cuts that would make round faces rounder or thin faces even thinner. Matching the style to the shape is essential in achieving the best look.
  2. Know hair colors that contrast your skin tone. Although it is every woman’s dream to be a blonde, it wouldn’t be flattering if you don’t have the right complexion. Knowing the colors would help you in choosing the hair color for your hair later on.
  3. Know your body shape and size. Here’s the thing, curvy women have a lot of compatible hairstyles than straight-bodied ones. If you want a style that would make your overall appearance great, you need to include your shape and size when selecting.

Common Hairstyles for Large Body Types

The following hairstyles are chosen with middle aged women in mind. Each one is simple and can be easily done by a trained stylist. Take note of the hair type suitable for each.

Layered Hairstyle


A lot of styles can be done with a layered hair. This is suitable for any length and hair type. In straight hair, the styles would appear neater. For wavy and curly hair, layered cuts make a bold fashion statement. Pay attention when the stylist works on your hair. Keep in mind that over layering would be a great fashion failure.

Tapered Hairstyle


The main difference between a taper and a layer is the difference in the length. Layered cuts are usually characterized by several recognizable length levels while tapered ones are well-blended that the difference in lengths is hard to discern. It takes a lot of skill to do this type of hairstyle. Luckily, there are a lot of cutting machines that do such job automatically. Tapered hairstyles require systematic cutting, so it’s not very good with curly hair. Wavy ones can be considered, but the effect wouldn’t be as good as in straight hair.

Natural Perms


A lot of middle aged women like the effect of natural perms. The main reason would be because it can be a good hairstyle for parties even without additional styling. One disadvantage would be that it’s not very suitable for women with thick hair. Increasing the hair volume further would only make the head look bloated. However, if the right cut and length is done, natural curves would greatly affect the visual value of the entire face. When the hair curves inwards, the eyes would look more slanted and the jaw lines more refined. Curves are also a certified way to cover a part of the face; thus, making any person wearing it younger and slimmer visually.