Hairstyles for Over 40 Women with Round Faces

The type of hairstyle suitable for each person depends on a lot of factors. One of which is the face shape. For hairstyles for over 40 women with round faces, the choices available involve a lot of cut techniques and hair color manipulation. Getting a very skilled stylist is important since one wrong move can ruin the entire aesthetics. Make sure that you make the right arrangements with the salon since the styles would definitely keep your stylist occupied for hours. Moreover, you’ll need to prepare your budget too.

Recommended Hairstyles

1) Beehive


This is a cut that originated in the 1950’s. Despite its antique history, it’s still a very popular hairstyle nowadays especially for going to parties and special formal occasions. It is best to make the height of the hair at least 3-5 inches high to make an illusion that your face is elongated.

2) Soft Curls


This can be applied to up do’s and untied hair. Although this is popular with teenagers during school proms, the idea actually came from a middle aged female band in the 80’s. The entire hair can be curled or just part of it. The natural waves would casually cover the excess dimensions on the face, creating a much slimmer appearance.

3) Buns with Side-Part Bangs


This is much like the second one but with a much more emphasis on facial coverage. This is recommended for women who have silky straight hair. Curls don’t last long on heavy hair, so the effect is temporary. Going with a hairstyle that looks great with your natural hair characteristics is the best choice in most occasions.

Styles that Go Well with Different Hair Lengths

The numbers of hairstyles you can try depend on your haircut. The following is a simple list of styles you can do given the type of haircut you have.

Long Hair


You can have the most number of hairstyles when you have long hair. This is most true for those who have straight locks. The three styles mentioned above are just some of the many styles you can try. However, since where targeting women over 40, it would be best to conventional arrangements. For formal occasions, the hair should be done up. For garden parties and brunch meetings, your hair can be let down naturally. If you want to look different, curl your hair with a curling iron. If you have natural waves, try flat ironing sometime.

Medium Length


People with medium hair lengths are best at hairstyles that let the hair down or a part of it. A simple clip on the side can make a statement with the right accessory. Half beehives are also becoming popular lately. This can be a good choice for formal occasions. But, don’t try this hairstyle if you have hair highlights. The vertical highlights would attract too much attention to the crown part of the hair where highlights aren’t usually applied at. This would make your hair look like it’s divided into two sections from the back view.

Short Lengths


Women with short hair have the most difficult circumstances in terms of hairstyling. Because there aren’t a lot of possibilities, most possible hairstyles require the use of clip-on extensions and sometimes wigs. For middle aged women, its best to keep things simple and add a lot of volume by curling the ends, if possible. If you have a boy cut, ask your stylist to apply a good hair color. This would be the only choice during such situation. However, short hair is a hairstyle in itself. Not all women cut it short so you already stand out as the unique one in the bunch.