Haircuts for Women Over 60 with Glasses

Being in your sixties means that you probably have already figured out your style – what clothes, what make up and what hairstyle suits you best. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean at all that you can’t experiment. A new look can always make you feel good, no matter the age. As many people have to wear glasses at some point, it is good to know about several classical haircuts for women over 60 with glasses.

Stylish hairstyles for women over 60

Many women share that they don’t feel good with having an extra short haircut, but practice shows that it can be a truly rejuvenating look. It not only a practical style thing it terms of maintenance, but also a great way to focus the attention of people towards your face – especially if you want to show off something you are proud of – a cute nose, long eyelashes or some nice looking glasses.

Short and spikey


Let’s take for example Ellen Lee DeGeneres’s hairstyle – short and spikey. It is something really plain and simple – not so hard to maintain and definitely practical. The fringe is the longest part of the hair and it’s combed sideways. If you think glasses suit you this is definitely your hairstyle, because it reveals a lot of the forehead and the cheek- bones, which immediately bring the attention to how well the glasses look on you.

Volume puff


Short and with volume – this simple, yet effective hairstyle is perfect for ladies who lead an active social lifestyle – business meetings, dinner parties, etc. All you need is some volume enhancing product to make your hair puffier. After that comb against its natural direction to make it look with even more volume. Many women prefer to curl their hair when making this haircut, as it makes it look more youthful and inadvertent, but stylish. It is the most preferred hairstyle by TV star Holland Taylor.

Up top


Last but not least – a more “hip” version of hairstyle number 1. The hair is a little shorter, the fringe is the same length as the other parts and everything is spiked upwards. It is an ultimate haircut that suits even people with round faces.

Long hair for a classy evening


Without a doubt, long hair will always be perceived as one of the main symbols of femininity. Being over 60 is no reason to abandon long hair! There are some hairstyles that look more than stylish on elderly women.

Do you remember Candice Patricia Bergen during the early nineties? Her hairstyle can only be described as dashing – shiny tufts of hair, filled with volume, gliding in graceful waves towards the back of her head. It is a haircut that requires a lot of effort and is not really practical for everyday activities. On the other hand, it is one of the most classical choices you can make for an official event. All you need is a volume enhancing product, a hair straightener and some patience. Again, this definitely for you if you feel comfortable wearing glasses – as the hair is combed backwards, it opens up the face, which immediately shifts the focus to them.

Classic long


Another classic hairstyle, but a simpler one – the hair combed sideways and curled at the end. Many ladies prefer the fringe to be straight and a little curly at the end as well. It is much more practical than haircut one and easier to make. Adding some bright color can also be a very nice addition –for example bright red. If you wear glasses but don’t really like them this is surely the hairstyle for you – the fringe and the curls move the focus from your glasses, especially if you put more volume in your hair.