Gray hairstyles for women over 50

Some people say that 50s are the new 40s – and why shouldn’t they? It is the spirit that is the true measure of who we are and how we live. It is never too late to experiment, to try and find yourself and to experience new things. Let’s take for example the hair – no matter the age it is always fun to try a new style. Many women in their fifties decide to leave their hair gray, which always shows style and confidence. It is good to know about several classy gray hairstyles for women over 50.

Stylish hairstyles for women over 50

Medium long hair turns out to be the most preferred length for women that age. It is a practical style, because it is way easier to maintain in comparison to long hair and provides more opportunities to change your haircut than short hair.

Full bodied bob


It is basically a symmetrical bob, which is really useful if you want people to focus on your face. The most distinctive parts of this hairstyle are the slightly bent fringe and the smooth bangs on the lower level of the cheeks.

Making this hairstyle is easy – you just need to use a fixing product, to blow your hair dry and to comb it with a brush to bring up some volume. If your hair is really disobedient you can use a flat iron, but be sure it is put on low, otherwise you will use volume. This hairstyle looks especially good on women with gray hair, because the color spread in a frame all over the face immediately focuses the attention.

Youthful flirty


You have probably seen this haircut on many TV presenters in their fifties. It is very distinctive – the hair starts really short in the and slowly increases its length until the top and in the front. The fringe is longer in one side, along with the hair and is shortened towards this others – the hair there is shorter as well. All this is accompanied by lifted tufts and a little shaggy effect.

All you need to make this haircut is a blower, a volume enhancer, a boost spray and a brush. Blow your hair against its natural direction, than apply the products and form it in any way you want – this is the good thing about this haircut –you can experiment freely. When you are ready fix everything in place with the spray and this is it. This hairstyle is especially appropriate for women whose hair is in a lighter shade of gray.

Back tail blob


This is a version of the full bodied blob. It is basically the same thing, with several little differences. It requires less volume and the bangs are combed in an opposite direction – towards the neck.

To make it you only need to use a fixing product, a blower and a brush. As here volume is not a primary concern, you can use a flat iron plugged in on a higher level. It brings up more of the face, because the hair is less puffy and reveals more of the cheeks and the eyes, because the fringe has to be combed above the eyebrows.

Strong texture


As the name suggest, there is a lot of texture in the hairstyle. The length must be a little less than medium, and the shaggy effect is obligatory. The longest hair is on the top of the head and the tufts are filled with volume and highly distinctive.

To achieve this effect you need a volume enhancer, a fixer spray and a medium sized brush. The key is to blow your hair again its natural direction and to put the enhancer immediately after that.