Formal Braided Hairstyles For Long Hair

Long hair has always been considered a symbol of femininity. There is nothing more beautiful than a soft like silk, long yarn of shiny hair – an image appealing not only to men, but to women as well. And when having such a nice hair it is almost binding to do something with it. One of the best ways to make a haircut with long hair was thought of the Germanic and Celtic tribes in Western Europe – the phenomenon we know as a “braid”. Today, as style and taste are more refined, nice long hair is still a very attractive attribute. This is why it is good to know some formal braided hairstyles for long hair.

Classy Braided Long Hair Hairstyles

The one shoulder braid


You have probably seen Lucy Hale often wearing her hair like that. On the outlook it is simple – the hair is made wavy with little curves on the tufts and somewhere there, amongst this almost shaggy, shiny exterior, in the back of the head starts the braid and stretches horizontal until it reaches one of the shoulders. Here the fringe is crucial – it has to be on the same side as the braid and it has to reach it. It is a really hard hairstyle and it should be adjusted to each particular type of hair, but the time spent would definitely be worth it.

The bun

The bun
This is one of the simpler hairstyles. You just make a bun with the central part of your hair – preferably slightly above your neck, not on the top of the head. After that you make two braids and curl them above your ears to meet below the bun. The fridge shouldn’t be in the braids – you can do whatever you like with it – just ensure that it is evenly distributed and you haven’t taken any of it for the braids. It is a practical hairstyle, and quite classy as well – it is perfect if you have to prepare fast for an occasion.

The simple braid

It is really the most basic one. Simple is always classy – such a hairstyle goes particularly well with one colored, basic, yet stylish clothes. Just make a braid out of your whole hair and choose in which direction to put it – back or sideways. If the event is really formal you can always make a bun out of the braid, but be careful – if you have a very long hair the bun may become too chunky, not to mention unstable.

The upward head band

A simple head band may not be enough for a formal event, but this doesn’t exclude a head band braid as a whole. You just have to spice it up. A good way to do so is to make the braid starting from the back of your neck horizontally through your whole head, going across the top, instead of your forehead. To make it more entangled you can do something with your fringe – a nice thing is to separate it in two, curl each half and let them hang freely. It will frame the face perfectly.

The mix

This is a somewhat difficult haircut. The main zone of interest is the back of your head, above the neck. First, take around one third of your hair and make it in two or three braids. Than make a large tuft of your remaining hair and towards the end of the braids tie it around them. This is a Jessica Alba type of hairstyle – entangled, but very effective. You will need some spray and volume enhancer to make the tuft filled with volume.