Flattering Hairstyles for Women Over 60

Women in their sixties almost always have already figured out their look. They know what clothes, what colors and what make up suits them. They have tried many things, experimented and found the optimum. But is it so with hairstyles? While a color will suit you no matter the time, the fashion with hairstyles is changing and it is never too late to have some fun by trying out the newest trends in the society. Here are described some flattering hairstyles for women over 60.

The first two are about short hair. Many ladies after sixty prefer their hair to be medium length, but you shouldn’t be afraid from going short – it will be not only easier to make yourself look good, but also it is somewhat more practical.

Stylish Hairstyles For Women Over 60


This is for really short hair, but it requires a longer fringe. Make tufts on the top of your head and spike them upward. A more classical option is to make curls, but they also will have to point up. Than comb the fringe downward towards your eye and try not to leave any hair on the sides of your head.

Flattering Hairstyles for Women Over 60


This hairstyle is particularly appropriate for a round type of face, because the tufts stretch the head, especially with the straightened fringe in the other direction.

The spikes


This is a very simple haircut – just comb all of your hair on the back of your head toward the forehead. Be sure that the angle is even everywhere and make a lot of little tufts. Fix everything with a spray. A good addition can be some volume enhancer, but be careful not to put too much. If you really like the idea but your hair is somewhat curly you can always use a flat iron to straighten things up.

The top 5 Haircuts for Women in their 60s.The next hairstyles are for medium length hair.

Two tufts


This hairstyle looks like this – you take all your hair from the top of your head and sleek it towards one direction. Be careful though – leave the side part hang freely for now. Than comb everything in one big fringe in a direction you prefer. Put some volume enhancer and then fix the construction with a spray. Try to make the fringe cross just the tip of your eyebrow.

Haircuts for the over 60s Now for the other part of the hair – comb everything straight down and use the volume enhancer until it is as puffy as the fringe. Some women prefer to sleek this side part backwards, towards the neck and some just make a sickle – sleeking back and then again towards the chin.



This is a complex haircut, even though its purpose is to make you look somewhat negligent, yet classy. Make your hair into tufts and curl each of them in several places, but be careful – don’t make really tangled curls – just make your hair visibly frailer. And now comes the hard part – take a fixing spray and try to arrange all those tufts in a way that it suits you. A good thing is to leave your forehead open and to join the fringe with the rest of the hair.

Over 60 Hairstyles – Bob Hairstyle

Haircuts in their 60s


It is a classic hairstyle – start by combing your hair carefully in two parts, starting from the middle of your head and put some volume enhancer. The trick here is to leave your fringe out of the picture in the beginning and two join all of it with one of the two halves of your hair. Than make a little angle on both sides – the end result should look like a bob, spreading around your face.