Flattering Hairstyles For Women Over 50

What are the fifties? The new forties of course! It is the time when you are even more naturally classy and stylish – a fact that calls you to experiment. Trying a new haircut is always something fun, especially if you find something that suits you even better than what you have defined for yourself. No matter if your hair is grey, grizzled or dyed; it is good to know some of the following flattering hairstyles for women over 50.

The first ones are classical medium length hairstyles – one of the most preferred by women over fifty. They are very popular because they are on the threshold between practical and classy – and, let’s not forget – give you more opportunities for experimentation.

Stylish Hairstyles For Women Over 50

Full blob

Bob hairstyle

The end result should look like a symmetrical bob – a figure that frames your face. The result is that the focus is shifted towards your eyes and nose the most and can be really effective for business meetings and classy occasions. The fringe has to be slightly bent and the hair on the two sides of your head should form two smooth, inconspicuous bangs reaching towards the lower part of the cheeks.
To make this hairstyle just put some fixing product; blow your hair comb it against its natural direction with a brush for maximum puffy effect. A flat iron can be useful if there are some shaggy parts that just don’t want to succumb to your efforts, but be careful not to lose any volume. If your hair is dyed blond, especially if it is a lighter shade, this haircut will be particularly remarkable, because it will make your face look like surrounded by a golden halo.


This haircut is taken directly from young pop-stars. It is for ladies that want to feel rejuvenated and hip. The hair in the back of your neck should be very, very short and its length should increase proportionally until it reaches the fringe. It must be the longest part of your hairstyle. It should be longer in one side and really shorter on the other. All this must be made a little shaggy and with large tufts, even though you can just comb your hair against its natural direction and just put some more volume.

To make this haircut you need to blow your hair dry really good, put some volume enhancer and brush against the direction of the hair – remember that here too much volume is never an option, because most of your hair is shorter than medium length. Experiment and try to find your style – after everything is ready just put some fixer spray. A good thing to do is to use some flat iron on lower degrees to make your hair shiny and to ensure that no disobedient tufts will point out from your head.

Back bob

back Bob

Again, it is bob, but a little different than the classic one – you will need to make more distinctive bangs and to put more volume in your hair. Also the fringe is not supposed to be on your forehead, even though some ladies prefer that.