Finding the Best Loose Bun Hairstyles for Wedding

A bride’s wedding day is the day that she has likely been dreaming of sine she was a little girl. One thing she might not have considered ahead of time is how she wanted wants to wear her hair. Thankfully, today the loose bun hairstyles for wedding are one of the popular choices that offers the bride the ability to have a natural looking style that is going to be easy to create without having to pay a professional.

Wedding Hairstyles for Every Length

Flowers Can Add Some Grace


Many brides have their flowers all picked out before they know how they are going to style their hair. What if styling their hair could be as simple as a messy loose bun with a few flowers clipped into place on one side of their head. This is a great look for any bride and a perfect use of the loose bun hairstyles for wedding. This hairstyle is simple, looks elegant and messy at the same time, and is perfect for more casual and formal weddings alike.

Loose Braided Buns with Accents


If the traditional loose braid is not enough for a bride, but she wants something simple and easy there are some choices that she can make. One of these is to loosely braided the hair before pinning into a messy and unformed bun. Prior to putting the hair up, she can pin accents in place. These can range from a strand of lace to a strand of ornate crystals. When twisted with the hair the results are simply stunning.

Knotted Low Bun

Low Bun

A knotted low bun is a perfect loose hairstyle for a bride. This hairstyle looks elegant and beautiful. It also looks classic and elegant. There are a few additional ways that one can style their hair with flowers or clips to keep it looking special. Plus a loose knotted bun is simple to create and features a little flare without being too much.

Chic Bohemian Low Bun


There are many different types of Bohemian buns that are featured today. For a natural bride that wants a uniquely chic hairstyle there are a few different things that can be done. One is to take different sections of the hair and braided them in different ways. Place a small French braid above one ear, then a fishtail braid next to it, leaving a few strands of hair out of either braid for flair. Add a loose braid in the middle and a few additional braids throughout. Then put all of the braids together into a loose low bun. This style has a lot of Bohemian flare with the different style of braids that are featured.

Loose Low Braided Bun with Flower

Loose Low Braided Bun with Flower

A loose braid that starts at one side and is swept to the other is a beautifully understated choice of loose bun hairstyles for wedding. If one adds a large flower just above the bun they can add a lot of beauty without being too much. This style is understated overall, but can look quite elegant and beautiful on the right bride.

A Braid Around the Bun


Another great choice for a low bun that is loose and looks great on any bride is where one takes their hair and piles it into a loose and messy bun. Then they are going to take pieces of their hair out of the bun carefully and create a braid that they can wrap around the base of the bun. This is going to look beautiful and will offer the bride a unique look that looks as though it were styled by leading professionals.