Super Creative Elegant Updo Hairstyles For Black Women

Up-do hairstyles are really classy – they not only reveal your ears so you can show off your nice earrings, as well as your beautiful long neck, but are also very practical if the weather is hot. They can look especially good on black women, as their hair is thick and dense, which immediately brings a lot of volume and shine to such a construction. Here are some elegant up-do hairstyles for black women that you can try for yourself. Some of them require you to have long hair though, so choose carefully according to your current hair length.

Classy Up-do Hair Hairstyles For Black Women

The bun

The bun hairstyle

This is amongst of the simpler hairstyles. All you need to do is to just make a bun with the hair on the upper part of your head, starting just above your neck. Once that is done you should make two beautiful braids. Make them with a lot of volume, make them shiny and most important, and make them look the same. After than curl them above your ears and continue to stretch them until they meet just next to the bun. The zone for experimenting with this hairstyle is the fringe – you can do whatever you want with it. Many prefer to leave it hanging on one side, but if yours is even it will be even better if you comb it to reach next to your eyebrows. If it is too long for that you can always curl it a little bit with a flat iron.

A version of the hairstyle is to include it in the bun as well – it will not only make you look taller, but also open your forehead and from there your entire face.

Simple curled braid

Simple curled braid hairstyle

It is a really simple, basic haircut. To keep it simple is always a sign of class. You can wear this hairstyle with almost any kind of clothes, on almost any type of occasion and it goes particularly well if all of your clothes are in one color. Twine your whole hair in one very puffy braid. Use volume enhancer and before you start comb your hair against its natural direction to bring even more volume to the picture. Once that the braid is ready start making a bun, but be careful – ensure that the lowest part is the biggest and that the braid is curled upside like a spiral. This won’t be very appropriate if your hair is too long, because the bun can become too big and unstable.

What you can do in such a case is to curl it around your head in some pattern that you like, but if you are going on an official event better just go with the braid hanging on one of your shoulders.

Head band and bun

Head band and bun hairstyle

A headband is always cute, but I can be classy as well. Do a medium sized braid and wrap it around your head in the area between the middle of the top of your head and your forehead. Leave a place for the bun that you are to form next. Start from the back of your neck horizontally through your whole head, going across through that middle region specified above. Then take whatever is left of your hair and make bun. Make sure it is not too big and it is just next to the braid. You can tangle them in one as well.

If you want to look a little shaggier you can do something with the fringe. A popular style is to curl it a little bit and comb it on one side, but you can also split it in two and put it behind your ears. Making it a part of the braid is also an option. One of the more complicated ways to go is after you have done the braid and the bun to straighten it and attach it to the bun. This way it will go like a bridge over your braid, but be careful – this is really and advanced technique and it doesn’t go well with each face type.