Elegant Short Hairstyles For Women Over 50

Many women, when they reach fifty, start wearing their hair short. And why not – practice shows that it can be truly rejuvenating look that gives you a feeling of freedom. It is practical style when it comes to maintenance and is particularly appropriate if you want people to focus more on your face, as the less volume in your hair, the more your nose and eyes are in the center of the picture. Short hairs are especially appropriate for ladies that wear glasses and are proud of how they look with them. Here are some elegant short hairstyles for women over 50.

Top 4 Short Hairstyles For Women Over 50 Year Old

The “Ellen”

Ellen Lee DeGeneres

Yes, it is the hairstyle of that Ellen – Ellen Lee DeGeneres, the TV host. It is something that looks really neat and classy, yet not so hard to maintain and definitely effective. The hair must have some volume – if yours generally doesn’t, it is a good idea to put some volume enhancer. If you want it to be straight just use some flat iron, but be careful, because you don’t want to lose all the efforts you have put to bring up the volume.

The fringe should be the longest part of the hair and it must be combed sideways – most usually to the right. There is a version where you can make it even and let it hang just above your eyebrows or curl its edges a little bit and separate it – it is up to you to find what suits you best.

All puffy

 puffy hairstyle

Short hair and a lot of volume go well together, believe it or not. It is a simple, but very effective hairstyle and it is perfect for the ones who are really socially active. You can always go to a dinner party, or a meeting with that haircut, as it is not so hard to prepare. All you need is a volume enhancing product spread regularly throughout your hair and make it puffy. The next thing to do is to comp it against its natural direction and put some fixing spray. Now here comes the tricky part – after the spray takes hold try to bring the whole thing down by combing gently downwards.

There is an option preferred by some women to curl their hair when making this hairstyle, because if you have the right shape of the face – oval – it will make you look more youthful. You have probably seen this hairstyle on the TV star Holland Taylor.

Top up

Top up hairstyle

This is a really youthful, even “hip” one. It is preferred by women with really short hair. The fringe must be the same length like every other part of the hair. What you do is to take a brush and while combing against the natural direction of the hair to put some fixing spray until everything stay up – the fringe too. When it comes to the hair on the sides of your head – you should treat it with a flat iron so it becomes sleeker and comb it behind the ears.


Spikes hairstyle

A very easy one – all you have to do is comb all your hair starting from your neck towards the forehead. The key is to make it all look in exactly the same direction as if brushed by the wind. The hair must be separated in tufts.

All should be fixed with a spray and if your hair generally lacks volume you can put some enhancer to make it look better. If you are curly but you want to try the hairstyle, just use a flat iron and use it across the mentioned direction.