Elegant Imperfection with Low Side Bun Hairstyles for Weddings

There are many different low side bun hairstyles for weddings that can look perfect on any bride. These styles offer a unique elegance and grace that is not seen in perfected up-dos or hairstyles where every piece of hair looks perfectly in place. With these low side bun hairstyles for weddings a lot of the beauty is in the imperfections and the fact that the hair seems almost as if it is a neat version of messy.

The Knot Low Side Bun Hairstyle

Low Side Bun Hairstyles for Weddings

One of the most popular choices for the low side bun hairstyles for weddings is the knotted version. This version is a great look for longer hair. It is not suggested for shorter hair but can work with some medium length haircuts as well. It is a glamorous style because of the beautiful knotted look that is going to carry a bride through her wedding night in style and comfort. It is a style that can be easily perfected by the bride herself or a friend which can save the bride money without having to hire someone to style her hair. Plus it does not require anything but the basic tools.

The Natural Hair Low Side Bun

Natural Hair Low Side Bun Hairstyle

Many women of different ethnic backgrounds find that they have no idea what they want to do with their natural hair. This specific bun is perfect for anyone that has ethnic or natural hair. It features a beautiful braid at the front of the crown that cascades from one side and back to the bun. The look is gorgeous and structured and is one of the most uniquely beautiful of the low side bun hairstyles for weddings.

The Curly Hair Low Side Bun


Anyone that has curly hair will likely complain that they can not get away with the same hairstyles as those who have straight or just wavy hair can. This can be frustrating and it can be hard to find the right types of hairstyles that can work for formal events like their wedding. The main thing to remember with this style is to make sure that the hair is not too tight and that it still shows off the natural curls and waves. If this is done correctly it will continue to look beautiful throughout the night and the bride is not going to have to worry about fighting frizz.

The Messy Braided Low Side Bun


Braids are one of the hottest hair trends right now. Any bride will look lovely when they have had their hair braded so that the braids end on one side of the head. This is another style that is going to require longer hair since the hair will be braided from one side and across to the other. There are going to need to be separate braids throughout the hair and these braids will stop allowing for the rest of the hair to wound together in a messy bun. It is one of the more casual of the low side bun hairstyles for weddings.

The Romantic Low Braided Side Bun


This is another hairstyle that features popular braiding. With this style one is going to have their hair braided on each side in thick french braids and these braids will braided so that final pieces of the braid are on one side of the head. The two braids will then be twisted together into one of the best low side bun hairstyles for weddings.

With so many low side bun hairstyles for weddings it is no wonder that they were seen on the runways and at weddings around the globe. These styles are easily recreated and brides can even do most of them without the help of others.