Edgy Hairstyles for Women Over 50

As time goes by, I am sure you have noticed how some women somehow manage to keep themselves young. You want to know their secret? Beside anti-aging crèmes, a very important aspect to keep in mind is the hairstyle. Although I am not implying that you do not have the finances to get cosmetic surgery or complex treatments for your skin, an appropriate hairstyle can be seen here as an easy alternative Without further ado, here are some of the best edgy hairstyles for women over 50!

Spiky and short


A nice, short and sassy haircut can give you that teenager attitude that you’ve been looking for. This is something perhaps too extreme for some women over 50, but some of them display huge confidence with a short and spiky hairstyle. However, if you decided to take this step and shorten your hair, there are a few things to take in consideration. Firstly, adding a side-swept fringe can make your haircut look really cool, but that is something you might want to spend some more time thinking about it. Also, if you want spikes, they only work on particular head shapes. If you have a flat head, then the spikes will make the top of your head look square, and that is something we do not want.

The bob


What makes a bob haircut look great is the A-line shape. The bob works if you have fine, thinning, or even medium hair. If your hair is thick, you might want to pick another hairstyle, as the bob will make your head look more like an afro. For improvement, you should ask your hairstylist to trim your bob with the razor rather than the scissors, so that your bob gets soft and smooth. Also, for the bob to look perfect, you should cut it right below the chin. Get this wrong, and you will start looking like somebody from the 17th century.

Pixie haircuts

Pixie haircuts

Reserved mostly for teenagers, these hairstyles have come to demonstrate that you do not necessarily have to be young when talking about short hairstyles. This particular haircut is ideal if you are looking for a low maintenance and fashionable hairdo at the same time. Make sure you vary the haircut: from formal to spicy groovy, so that you feel like a teenager once more!

Flipped shag


Short hairdos can be easily improved with flipped tips. Whether it’s symmetrical or uneven layers, you should spend some time tweaking your volume and texture. Flipping also demonstrates youthfulness and movement. Use some gel or wax to flip your hair or make it spiky. Curly hair will also look stunning with this simple trick.

The Side Bun


The side bun is a hairdo that inspires youth, freshness, and a welcoming change for the new semester. You can also try this particular hairdo if you are still looking for a shift, but do not have enough resources. Offered mostly as an alternative to the upward one, the side bun is getting popular among women over 50. If you’re planning to go to a social event such as a wedding or dinner with the family, then this hairdo is a nice and fashionable choice that does not require a professional hair stylist. To get this fabulous style, just give your hair a side part, leaving a part of the forehead covered with hair. Don’t be afraid to add flowers or other jewelery in your bun, as it will leave a delightful impression on your colleagues!

Long Layers with Soft Bangs


Even though fringes might make you look a bit older, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The nice A-framing will highlight your best features and natural beauty. If you have a round face, you should keep the whole hairstyle straight. On the other hand, if you have a face other than round you should angle the cut at the corners. For the layers and the bang to work, the length of the whole cut should be somewhere below the shoulder line. If you want to look professional, and get at the same time a classy look, then this hairstyle will do the trick.