Easy Prom Hairstyles For Medium Hair

The month of May is the time for prom, and girls usually dream about their prom ever since they were little girls. Prom is the one night a year that girls will always remember because of how special they feel, how beautiful they look, and the young man that accompanied them that night. Finding the perfect dress may be easy, but finding easy prom hairstyles for medium hair might be hard, but there are many things that girls can do that will make it look like they spent hours at the beauty salon when that is not really the truth, but of course, no one has to know that.

A dramatic part for a 1920s style:



The 1920s were a long time ago, but some of their best looks have never gone out of style, particularly anything involving the flapper look. One way to bring the 1920s to prom night is to use one of the flapper hair styles, which is to have a dramatic part, all the hair put to one side, and then have all that hair curled. To get the hair to stay all on one side of the head, the best way to do that would be to make a pony tail with a hair tie, and the tie itself will covered up with all the curls. To add more effect to the 1920s hair style, a girl can have an extra long necklace to go with her dress, which is another fashion statement that the flappers made during that time.

Sausage curls that are not combed out:


A little girl named Shirley Temple introduced the world to sausage curls that did not get combed out, and now a girl going to prom can emulate that same look. The bangs can be kept nice and straight, but the rest of the hair has to be completely covered with sausage curls using a wide curling iron. With the whole head covered in bouncy curls, a girl will get plenty of movement on the dance floor, which is going to make dancing the night away a lot of fun.

A crimp style all over the head for a retro 1980s look:


A girl with short hair may feel like she cannot do anything fun and exciting for her hair, but if she does own a crimp, then she can put it to good use on prom night. From the top of her head down to the ends, the crimp will turn that straight hair into a unique look that is right out of the 1980s. A girl can also do her make up to also look like a blast from the past, but that is up to her, and whether or not she has a retro dress is also not going to matter. A crimp style will make any prom dress look spectacular, and a girl with straight hair can look just as good as her curly haired friends.

Colored streaks to match the prom dress:


Any hair style can look even nicer if the hair just happened to match the color of the dress. Now some girls choose to wear a dress that is bright like pink, purple, or even a deep blue, but the idea of coloring their entire head pink is not something that a girl is going to want to do. However, instead of turning their entire head pink, purple, blue, or another wild color, a few of the hairs can be colored with spray or even a temporary dye that is available at any drug store. Girls buy everything to match their prom dress including shoes, jewelry, and accessories, but having a few colored hairs to match the dress is going to make those girls stand out from the rest on such a special night like prom.