Easy Prom Hairstyles For Long Hair To Do At Home

Prom time is a busy time of year, and girls spend a lot of time running around trying to make sure they have everything they need to make their night truly memorable. However, with all the running around a girl has to do finding her perfect dress, shoes, and accessories, she may not have time to go to the beauty shop in order to get her hair down, but there are many easy prom hairstyles for long hair to do at home that will save her a lot of time and effort.

Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair

A flower power hippy look:


With her hair parted down the middle, a girl with long hair can give herself a vintage prom look that looks like she had a professional do it, even though she did it herself at home. The long bangs can be pinned to the sides with bobby pins, and then a curling iron can be used to make big curls around the back of the head and then combed out. The last touch to the hairstyle is to spray everything with hair spray and then head out to the prom!

A bun on the side of the head:


Girls with long straight hair can do their hair quickly if they just decide to put it up in a bun. With a comb, the long hair can be put to one side and then gathered up in a pony tail and secured with a light colored hair tie. The pony tail can then be twisted and then put up into a bun that can then be held in place with jeweled hair sticks. The sides of the hair can also be held in place with jeweled bobby pins, and it will look like a girl spent hours on her hair when the whole hair style can be done in around 5 to 10 minutes.

Twisty sides for curly hair:


After a shower, the long hair should be prepared with a little mousse or hair gel. The curl will come back as the hair is dried, and when it is completely dry, a two inch section of the sides can be separated, twisted, and then pulled back and pinned high up on the side of the head. The angles of the hair pulled back is going to make a round face look thinner, and her hair style will look like an actress from the golden days of Hollywood.

A slick back pony tail with tons of curls:


Whether a girl has curly can do a fast hair style by taking all of her hair, pull it back into a slick back pony tail. With all the hair slicked back, the pony tail will be very thick, and with a little mousse and scrunching with her fingers, the hairs can turn curl. However, if the curls are not cooperating, then a hot curling iron can be standing by to curl some of the hairs.

A French braid with loose hairs around the face:

loose French braid

A French braid can be created down the center of a girl’s head, but the braid should stop right at the back of the head. The rest of the hair is carefully pulled out of the braid, which is going to give a loose look that everyone is going to notice. The end of the braid at the base of the head can be decorated with anything from flowers to jeweled barrettes. Some of the loose hairs around the face can be curled if they are not that wavy from the braid. Though whether the hairs that frame the face are curly or straight, the whole head is going to look really fashionable with the loose braid look that a girl can do at home right before heading out to prom.