Easy Hairstyles For Women Over 30

Being a woman in your 30s is not an easy task: you start building your career, you are beginning to make new friends, reestablish connections with your old ones, you have a serious relationship, and you start thinking very seriously about families. And so, where will you find enough space to cram in your hairstyle? The following list of hairdos is a perfect balance between a busy life and good looks. Without further introduction, here are some easy hairstyles for women over 30!

Best Haircuts for Women over 30

The Softened Pixie


For women who are always juggling with business meetings, work-interest travels, and relationships, a short cut is ideal. While it may take some time to fix your hairstyle once you’ve washed it, the drying time is considerably reduced. To get this short and amazing cut, you should ask your stylist to cut layers that melt into one another. In other words, they must be barely noticeable. That way, you will not have a hairdo that looks chopped up. The main purpose of this hairdo is to make you look extremely confident, just like any woman around 30.

The Graduated Bob

Without making you look like a soccer mom, the graduated bob is far from making your hairstyle look like “just another regular one”. This hairdo, shorter in back and slightly angled in the front guarantees you some extra volume that will highlight your hair’s natural qualities. What makes the graduated bob different from the pixie is that it is much easier to maintain. You should just blow-dry your hair (but not entirely), and then give it a rest. The result will be nothing short of amazing.

The Blunt Lob

What makes this hairstyle so special is that it is, for once, extremely easy to get, and second, it has to do with its versatility. The length, barely touching your shoulders, can fit any age, face shape, dress, jewelry, and what have you. To get this hairstyle, simply ask your hairdresser to get you an equal length with blunt ends. However, if your face is oval or square, and still want to look fabulous in this simple yet effective hairstyle, simply request some face-framing layers in order to accentuate your cheekbones. Also, if your hair is thicker, ask the hairstylist to trim it down with a razor so that you won’t get that ugly helmet head. Just spray some spray that gives your hair volume before drying it, and you’re good to go!

Tousled Layers

This hairstyle is more appropriate for your 30s than any other one. Cooling off after your teens and 20s where you tried pretty much everything, and put your hair through so much misery, your 30s should mean an age where your hair must breathe. Again, this hairstyle is easy to obtain, and easier to maintain: to get those wavy, medium sized cuts, just ask your hairstylist to get you some layers that start from your chin. That way, you’ll have your bouncy waves that will look good no matter what you wear.

Long Layers with Soft Bangs

Even though fringes might make you look a bit older, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The framing will highlight your best features. If you have a round face, you might want to make everything straight, whereas if you have a different face you should angle at the corners. For this to work, the length of the layers should be below the shoulders. If you want to look professional, and rather fit within your age group, then this hairstyle will do the trick.