Current Short Hairstyles for Women Over 50


For a woman, getting older does not necessarily mean that she has to sacrifice her hairdo or style for that matter, as there are plenty current short hairstyles for women over 50. With that being said, gone are the days when “grandma” was just grandma. The purpose of this article is to make women over 50 confident enough to try and get out of their zone of comfort and test some of the hairdos that are presented here. So without any further introduction, here is the list of hairstyles!

Best Short Hairstyles for Women Over 50

Polished but Full Bodied Bob

Current Short Hairstyles for Women Over 50
If you have longer hair, and you are not daring enough to try and shorten it, than this haircut is ideal for you. The main obstacle in the way of the cropped bob is thin hair, as it does not look that good with it. Unfortunately, a high percentage of women over 60 have problems with thin hair, however, this should keep you from getting this hairstyle, because it can all be solved; just ask the hairstylist to give you some layers so that your hair is voluminous and bouncy. The front of the haircut is done in such a way that it comes down below your jawline, and as I said before, the layers add a different allure to your hairdo. This aspect comes in hand especially if you have a pronounced cheekbone or the jawline of a squared face.

Tousled Layers

This hairstyle is more appropriate for your age than any other. Without making you look like “another grandma”, your hair finds itself in a stage where it needs to cool down and breathe after your wacky 30s and mature 40s. This hairstyle is particularly easy to obtain, and even easier to maintain: to get those wavy, medium sized cuts. You should just blow dry using volumizing mousse and afterwards boost some spray with a round brush. The side part and swept bangs keep it looking soft and touchable. At the hairdresser’s, ask for layers that start from your chin. That way, you’ll have your bouncy waves that will look good no matter what you wear.

The Pixie Cut

This hairstyle will definitely highlight your natural beauty, so if by now you are still not convinced by the previous two hairstyles where you’d have longer hair, then I am quite confident that you should not hesitate with getting this particular style. The pixie cut has some nice rounded lines that leave some longer hair around your ears, neckline, and forehead that will simply shorten the style time, as well as concerns on a bad hair day. To keep the ends of your hair in movement, you should use a straightener to look gorgeous at any occasion! Just apply the product through hair after washing, and that is it. What could you ask more when you’re in your 50s?

Top Knot Bun
Top Knot Bun

For the comfortable yet classy look, the top knot bun is the ideal choice in terms of hairstyle. To get it, nothing was simpler, as it can greatly complement casual wear, and also looks chic when combined with an evening dress and/or a gown. On a bad hair day, this hairdo can be your savior, too. Furthermore, you should not be afraid of wearing it, as it fits any hair texture and face shape. Adding accessories to this hairstyle can spice it up in ways you didn’t think were possible!

Straight mane
Straight mane

If you are pleased with your long hair, you might want to get a straight and easy to wash and wear style. Just ask your hairstylist to trim just the tip of your hairs, so that you’re free of split ends. To maintain it, be sure to use moisturizing shampoo, and some frizz cream afterwards.